Behind this project we find the musicians Steve Blenkinsopp also known as Waveform and Susan Baird. Award-winning Raleigh composer, Susan Baird has been creating music in one form or fashion her whole life. She was born into a family of artists and musicians so exploring both art forms were almost destiny. In college, she studied flute and piano and received degrees in Electronic Music Composition and Computer Programming while playing in Top 40 bands. After years in the corporate world, running her own graphic arts business, and composing music for conferences, corporate videos, and jingles for advertising, she is finally living her dream - composing music for herself. Under her music name ‘Dreamaiden,’ she released her debut CD titled ‘Blue Light’ on April 22, 2007 to great accolades. The Dreamaiden sound hints of bands such as Tangerine Dream and Enigma while bringing something new and original to the table. Hypnotic rhythms, sweeping melodies, live flute and ambient vocals make a tasty palette that is sure to please listeners.

Dreamaiden - Blue Light

Artist: Dreamaiden
P: 2007
The music from the Blue Light CD has a wide appeal. Electronic music lovers love the organic, rich, analog sounds combined with the beauty of the digital sounds. Lovers of good melodies that evoke emotion love this music. Those who are sensitive report that the music evokes a deep sense of relaxation. What makes this music stand out from most ambient music is that there is plenty of rhythmic activity which the brain requires in order not to get bored.

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Schwingungen Radio auf CD - Edition Nr.320 01/2022
Schwingungen - Radio auf CD
Edition Nr.: 320
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