Manuel was born in 1985 in France, and even during his young ages he was pretty interested in jazz, rock and classical music (he was mostly amazed by the scores), and as a big booby he was already crazed about the actual house hits. 2006 was the year of his first deep house work, and the label was that Soulstar that can be proud of great compilations such as Latin Soul Fusion and A Lounge Supreme. After then, he composed a few tracks at Groove Baby, but these were released in digital format only. Meanwhile, Mesdag got very good friends with an other style: ambient. In 2007, he got in touch with Hana and Asmorod in Japan, and the result of this meeting was a brand new label and its first release - Endurance.
Irezumi - Endurance

Artists: Irezumi
P: 2007
LTD 1000
Warm electronic sounds and beautiful melodies echoe the tale of a horrible disaster.Based on the theme of a tragic British Arctic expedition which ended with the crew dying, trapped in the ice. A heartbreaking tale of human endurance. Ice cold atmospheres played with warm synthssounds. 6 panels digipak.

12,90 EUR
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