Cyber Zen Sound Engine

GraceNoteX and Smith6079 operated in the deeper recesses of the Houston electronic underground, first surfacing to an international audience in early 2000 with the limited release "Honor Thy Mistakes" (an oblique reference to one of Brian Eno's Oblique Strategy cards).

GraceNoteX: Keyboards, Synths, Percussion, Programming and Treatments
Smith6079: Guitars, Synths, Percussion

Cyber Zen Sound Engine
Cyber Zen Sound Engine - Moonscapes

Artists: Cyber Zen Sound Engine
P: 2000
Combining the alien intelligence of Eno at his best with the ambience of the mellower entries of the Waveform catalog, CZSE produce a soothing and mesmerizing collection of atmoshperes that fulfills the promise made by "Honor Thy Mistakes" (their lmited release disc for the Nerve Net discussion list).
Not only do GraceNoteX and Smith6079 create beautiful, fully-realized pieces that flow through time and space without lapsing into "new-age ambient" cliches, but they are active in on-line communities centered on music making tools and styles - and are more than willing to share experience and expertise.
These musicians are deserving of the support of anyone who believes in the power of the DIY ideals: people creating music that moves them (and others) without the baggage and corruption of intent inherent in the corporate music industry.
Not only does this disc sound good, it looks good.The packaging is among my favorites - wonderful images that capture the sounds contained within.

15,40 EUR
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