IcingWolf is a musical project of the German musician Monika Freerk. The project exists since 2011. She makes her dream come true after more than 30 years. IcingWolf grew up with the music of early 1970s as a kid and with the music of the 1980s as a teen. IcingWolf’s music is still influenced by the music of that time.

As instruments IcingWolf uses most hardware gear and sometimes VST’s. She collaborated with other musicians like CrashDumpFile, Moebius and others. An album with CrashDumpFile as “Two Of A Kind” – Project is also available on Bandcamp.

Her first release was “ViveSomnium” in 2017 @ Calling The Ghosts Music. The album was nominated for the “Schallwelle Award – Discovery 2017” which she won. First time of live playing was this year in Schwerte.

Icingwolf - From Inside

Artist: Icingwolf
P: 2020

The Morningis the feeling to see the sunrise of a new day, when a wonderful Landscape is seen then, there are Dancing Birds and you can listen to the Ocean of Sound.
My J.F.A.are very special persons, who will get some kind of honor in this way.
The Dutch Trip was a trip to a very special event in Holland, with nice people and wonderful musicians. Back at home, that impressions had to be worked out and that's what DutchTrip is.
The Men Of Apollo 11 will be honored in this track. When it was arising in my mind, the landing on moon had it's 50th anniversary in 2019. It is not only for Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins, it is for ALL the men, who were there in 1969, Gene Krantz and the whole mission control team as well.
The Galaxy Flight felt right after the Apollo-track, a flight through space in a spacecraft. To get more contacts and found many nice persons, is a kind of Friends Experiance - the ones who will stay, even if they know you well this is what real friendship means.

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Schwingungen Radio auf CD - Edition Nr.299 04/2020
Schwingungen - Radio auf CD
Edition Nr.: 299

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