The great greek musician. Evangelos Odysseas Papathanassiou (born 1943; is a Greek composer of electronic, progressive, ambient and orchestral music, under the artist name Vangelis . He is best known for his Academy Award winning score for the film Chariots of Fire, and scores for the films Blade Runner and 1492: Conquest of Paradise. Vangelis began his professional musical career working with several popular bands of the 1960s such as The Formynx and Aphrodite's Child. In the 1970s, Vangelis formed a musical partnership with Jon Anderson, the lead singer of progressive rock band Yes, and the duo went on to release several albums together under the alias Jon & Vangelis. Towards the end of the 1970s, Vangelis composed music scores for several animal documentaries, including Opéra sauvage, the success of these scores moved Vangelis into the eyes of well known filmmakers. In 1981, he composed the score for the Oscar-winning film Chariots of Fire.
Michael Hoppe + Vangelis - Solace for You

Artist: Michael Hoppe & Vangelis
P: 2004
The search for solace involves a difficult reconciliation of conflicting emotions, pitting one’s need to grieve at odds with a heavy-hearted realization that life, however diminished, must go on. Using an audio palette of grays and dark blues, Michael Hoppe offers Solace as a balm for the soul during such times, "where the dark clouds in life give way to the glow of eternal hope and peace." The clouds never fully lift during the 12 tracks of Solace, which appear to progress in a stages-of-mourning manner. The effect can be moving, even lovely (particularly the grand orchestral opener, "The Majestic Land," one of four splendid selections involving the Prague Symphony -- recorded remotely via an Internet link, of all things). The prevailing mood is melancholy but not quite maudlin; two angelic arias ("Pie Jesu," which Hoppe had written for the memorial service of his wife’s mother, and "Lachrymosa") are tearless, reverent expressions that aspire to the divine. The closing moment of "The Parting," a retooled but otherwise ordinary composition from 1986 that involves Vangelis, finally yields a sense of closure. For those in a state of bereavement, Hoppe’s Solace may offer you comfort. --Terry Wood

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Neuronium + Vangelis - In London New 2022 Mix

Artist: Neuronium & Vangelis
P: 1981/ 2007 / 2022
This new release contains the longer version of IN LONDON (After Hours) , never released previously as it is now on the release in Japan, and also worldwide from Germany
Vangelis & Neuronium the platinum edition. 30th anniversary. During that unforgettable session in 1981, Vangelis and the members of Neuronium made some of the most lucid samples that could be made with synthesizers in the world of cosmic electronic music. Although the original work was recorded by Vangelis on an analog system, at the legendary nemo studio in London, Huygen’s technical expertise has completely remastered the sounds with improved mixing. Listening to the album takes you back to the sound of Vangelis/Neuronium at the end of the 70’s start of the 80’s with the analog sound, sequencers and symphonic atmospheres dominating all other sounds.
However this cd is not just for nostalgia enthusiasts and collectors: the true electronic music in its most cosmic aspect shines through in all its splendor.
Recommended for: instrumental chill out music. Can be used for meditation, as background music for studying or for attentive and profound listening to experience different musical shades.
The use of headphones is recommended.
The legendary session between Neuronium and Vangelis recorded in London at famous Nemo Studios.
Totally 24-bit remastered for this definitive and Platinum edition. A collector's piece on a new luxury finishing and pressing.

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Suzanne Ciani - The Velocity of Love

Artist: Suzanne Ciani & Vangelis
P: 1991

The title song has become Ciani's signature composition and appears in many wedding music anthologies. A seminal work for the New Age Genre, it has sold over 200,00 copies. Composed, arranged, produced and performed by Ciani on an array of synths with special guest artist Vangelis.

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Tyrell Bros. - Theme from Blade Runner

Artist: Tyrell Bros.
P: 19
Cover theme of Blade Runner from Vangelis.
Produced for No More Productions Ltd. Belgium

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V/A - Flights of Fantasy

Artist: V/A
P: 1995
This double CD features some of the best tracks with dreamy titles also out of the Pop-music scene. the second disc features an inspiring instrumental music by H.P. Neuber.

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V/A - Galaxy Vol. II

Artist: Software, Hoenig, Eno,
Oldfield, Ashra u.a.

P: 1990
This is one of the early IC Collections with the best tracks from the electronicmusic world, not only with IC releases, more with best of all tracks.

Here the last copy.

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V/A - Highlights of Silent Dreams Vol. 1

Artist: V/A
P: 1992
This is a compilation series of the best tracks of Synthesizer music from the beginning of the 90s.

Here the last copy!

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V/A - Traumzeit

Artist: Cusco, Vangelis, Adiemus
P: 1995
This is a collection made by Emi Electrola.

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Vangelis (A.Zanni) - Hypnosis

Artist: A.Zanni
P: 2001
This is a two track CD-S with dance versions played by A.Zanni of the two legendary Vangelis tracks.

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