Eifel 7

In 2020, seven old acquaintances got together without further ado to play some brass band performances in as small a cast as possible. It quickly became clear that it couldn't stop at a few performances! The fun of traditional brass band music, as well as constantly testing and exceeding musical limits with "Sieben Eifelern" welds the group together. The program consists of selected classics and original compositions by musical director Nico Haag, instrumental music peppered with two-part singing.
Eifel 7
Eifel 7 - Lebenstraum

Artist: Eifel 7
P: 2022

The debut of the Eifel 7 group on CD. Traditional brass music that pleases and should not be missing from any morning pint. Catchy pieces, some of which were even composed especially for this CD. Very well done and at a high professional level.

14,40 EUR
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