Ozone Player

Alias of Finnish keyboardist and composer Otso Pakarinen.
Ozone Player
Ozone Player - E-Lite

Artist: Ozone Player
P: 2002
3 fast and versatile tracks from the full lenght album : E.

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Ozone Player - Insane Logic

Artist: Ozone Player
P: 2000
Ozone Player's Insane Logic is an original mixture, or rather an extrapolation, of many musical styles.
This is not your typical "synthesizer album".
The sounds and rhythms evolve - or change drastically.
You can't dance to it (unless you're a professional dancer) and it would be impossible to meditate (or fall asleep) listening to it.
This is music for listening, "foreground music".
Alternative tunings are used on many tracks causing an oriental or sometimes alien feeling.

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