Parsons, Steve

UK based musician and songwriter.
Parsons, Steve
Steve Parsons - Dreams of Gold

Artist: Steve Parsons
P: 1986
It's amazing to see this out-of-print disc still available since it's release in 1986. There were several artists on the COLORS series of the JCI label, yet this album is the only COLORS CD still in collection since the 80's. The reason lies in the last track, "Helios Parts 1 & 2". It is a 10 minute ambient musicscape that carries a haunting tune; an echoed trumpet playing over a wash of lilting electronica and voice. Quite a hypnotic tune and that piece is well worth 5 stars.

As for the rest of the CD, it has a few fine points in the "Dreams of Gold 1 & 2" title tracks which features acoustic guitar strummed over subtle electric strings.
"Helios Parts 1 & 2".... what a joy.

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