Peyote, Don

Don Peyote a.k.a Yvon Mounier, is a melbourne based producer, composer and multi instrumentalist with a strong & original style. Operating from his own in-house studio and amidst an extensive array of world-influenced dub & ambient compositions, he has written and produced numerous songs for Australian didjeridu Xpert Ganga Giri...
His music is featured in various dub, chill-out ,world music ,dance compilations as well as film jingles and documentary soundtracks.
Don is also known as "Peyote sound system" when working in dub style .....

His main focus is : world-influenced dub,trippy downtempo and ambient soundscapes for modern rituals.
Peyote, Don
Don Peyote - Eternal Now

Artist: Don Peyote
P: 2009

Drifting, floatational ambience with a consistently exotic air. The seven tracks here were initially recorded as one long piece, the continuous flow later being marked off into distinct sections. As a result the overall impression is one of almost imperceptible shifts morphing a single thread into varying forms. Soft beds of tone and delicate drone hazes form inviting atmospheres wherein the rich, sonorous chimes of beautiful brass and crystal singing bowls echo and ring. Many of the metallics appear to have been struck with soft beaters, their padded knells muted and mellow. Deep vocalisations join the mix in places, the layered reverberations of overtone throat singing by Tenzing Tsewang smoothly rising and falling into an almost steady sonic state. Subtle effects ebb and flow on the edges of perception, bringing further variety to the music. Apparently Eternal now was composed and recorded in just 3 weeks - which says Don "is a record time for me !!"

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