Uzzell-Edwards, Charles

Charles Uzzell-Edwards (born in south Wales in 1968) is a graffiti artist. He released electronic ambient music on Pete Namlook's FAX label, recording "Octopus 1+2" solo, producing "A New Consciousness" with Pete Namlook, recording "Supergroup" with Thomas Bullock, and "Audio" with Tetsu Inoue. The Pure Evil Gallery is run by Charles Uzzell-Edwards and located in Shoreditch, London.
Uzzell-Edwards, Charles
Charles Uzzell-Edwards - Octopus

Artist: Charles Uzzell-Edwards
P: 1995
PS 08/79
LTD 1000

The solo-debut of Charles Uzzell-Edwards, the former graphic designer of "Anarchic" and later "Environment" clothing. Already well known through a couple of collaborations with Pete Namlook as there were: Create and A New Consciousness 1+2.

On his solo release he musically introduces you to the streets of San Francisco and other urban and rual places on this continent. You will hear street noises, meet some people... also some aliens, do some phonecalls and will finally get hypnotized by this big amount of new impressions...

True hypnotizing and surprising environMENTAL ambient...

14,90 EUR
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Drum Machine Circle - Dada

Artist: Charles Uzzell-Edwards & Jason Rivera = Drum Machine Circle
P: 1998
PS 08/90
LTD 1000

The drum machine circle sit around a fire on a beach at dawn with their Rolands synched, with all the information in the universe glowing in the flames. When they press the 'start' button and dense, chunky hip-hop beats kick in over lush enviro-electro.
This project is the result of a desire by C.U.E. and Jason Rivera to inject more information into electronic music and to create a techno tale about aliens and interdimensional travel. It was recorded on the 50th anniversary of the historic UFO crash landing in New Mexico. The central track 'Roswell' incorporates recordings of the testimony of witnesses who were at the site. The music is also created to act as a soundtrack to the 'close encounters of the third kind' movie, as it deals with the same themes of

1. the realisation of the existence of life on other planets,
2. contact
3. entering a communication with the aliens
4. a new awareness that we are not alone....

connect to the drum machine circle via midi at


14,90 EUR
incl. 19% tax excl. Shipping costs
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