Kreitschi, Stanislav

Composer and radio engineer Stanislav Kreitchi was one of the pioneers of Russian academic electronic music. He began making music in 1961 in the laboratory of Eugeniy Murzin, the inventor of the legendary photoelectronic ANS synthesizer. Thanks to this unique instrument the composer got control over rich palette of sounds and all creative work of Stanislav Kretchi was somehow linked with ANS. The important stage of his biography is his activities in Moscow Experimental Studio for Electronic Music, where such famous composers as Alfred Schnittke, Sofia Gubaidulina, Edison Denisov, Edward Artemiev and others worked at that time. Stanislav Kreitchi is the author of musical arrangements for several theatre plays, radio shows and a number of motion pictures.
Kreitschi, Stanislav
Stanislav Kreitschi - Ansiana

Artist: Stanislav Kreitschi
P: 2000

This CD contents pieces performed on ANS synthesizer and an acoustic musical instrument called "Ovaloid" constructed by Russian designer Viatcheslav Kolleychouck. It is a unique russian experimental music with strange Sci-Fi sounds.

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