Rother, Michael

1971 a member of Kraftwerk. 1971 till 1975 groupmember at NEU! together with Klaus Dinger. 1973 till 1976 he lead the collaboration with Dieter Moebius and Hans-Joachim Roedelius at the group Harmonia. 1977 he startet solo recording with „Flammende Herzen“ more followed, also with additional collaborations with the musicians: Moebius, Rodelius and Brian Eno. He also produced Soundtracks and theatermusic.
Harmonia - De Luxe

Artist: Harmonia (Rother, Moebius & Roedelius )
P: 1975 / 2001
A masterpiece within early electronic music. You will enjoy pumping organs, together with long guitar effects. Sometimes monochromatic static backround lines will make you hypnotized!


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Harmonia - Live 1974

Artist: Harmonia (Musiker, Roedelius & Moebius)
P: 1974 / 2007
Their famous concert in 1974. All musicians at the height of their musical collaboration time!

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Harmonia - Tracks + Traces reissue

Artist: Harmonia (Roedelius, Rother, Moebius & Eno)
P: 1976 / 2009
Remastered reissue of the legendary 1976 recording, including three previously unreleased tracks*.
Harmonia 76 are: Hans Joachim Roedelius, Michael Rother, Dieter Moebius & Brian Eno.
Michael Rother – e-guitar, keyboards, drum machine
Dieter Moebius – synthesizer, mini harp
Hans-Joachim Roedelius – keyboards
Brian Eno – synthesizer, e-bass, voice, lyrics

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Michael Rother - Fernwärme

Artist: Michael Rother
P: 1994 / 2019
This is the last of his productions of the first phase. Guittar orientated, with warm synthesizer sounds and catchy melodies. Sounds often like Neu or Harmonia. Cool.

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Michael Rother - Flammende Herzen

Artist: Michael Rother
P: 1976 / 2019
Digitally remastered reissue of 1976 solo album by this bassist/ guitarist/ keyboardist for Krautrock duo Neu & early member of electronic pioneers Kraftwerk. Includes all five cuts from the original tapes.

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Michael Rother - Katzenmusik

Artist: Michael Rother
P: 1979 / 2019
Michael Rother (half of the influential Krautrock group Neu! and a founding member of Kraftwerk) recorded this, his third solo album with producer Conny Plank in 1979. Rother's signature multi-tracked guitar sound, synthesizer washes and the mechanical percussion (courtesy of Jaki Liebezeit from Can) make Katzenmusik a pioneering effort in the field of instrumental electronica. Essentially a suite in two parts, many consider this record to be Rother's opus. Remastered with new detailed liner notes.

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Michael Rother - Solo II  (7 CD Set)

Artist: Michael Rother
P: 2020

This boxset contains the solo catalogue of Michael Rother (Kraftwerk, NEU!, Harmonia) as well as a brand new album. His first since 14 years. A must for fans of Michael Rother, NEU! And Krautrock. Limited edition and lush packaging.

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Michael Rother - Sterntaler

Artist: Michael Rother
P: 1978 / 2019
The transition from NEU! to Harmonia was noticable, in that Harmonia was more melodic,whilst still retaining some of the hard percussion of NEU! Michael then progressed onto a solo career, making "Sterntaler". "Sterntaler" is a totally , guitar driven instrumental album. The top layer guitar is melodic, and has some hard edge to it in parts. However, what is really interesting, is the 2nd layer down of guitar harmonies. This layer is very fluid, and almost sings. Here, there a flanger effects, and chorus,and it really is very enjoyable to listen intently to this 2nd layer. The bass and drum section, keep the rythm tightly paced. If this album needed any style classification, class it as Ambient Rock. Michael, also recorded another three albums solo, which are in a simillar vein . "Flammende Herzen", being the closest to "Sterntaler" This album, will appeal to those who are into melodic rock, AOR,and like good guitar playing. If you like Steve Hillage / Hawkwind / Pink Floyd / Joe Satriani, etc, then this is for you.

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V/A - Brand Neu!

Artist: Various Artists
P: 2009
A collection of rare, unreleased and exclusive tracks from a collection of today's artists comprises the great new 'tribute' album to 70's German musical stylists Neu! The amount of artists citing Krautrock godfathers, electronic AND rock music innovators NEU! as a major influence has been exponentially rising over the last 3 decades. Artists from Bono to Noel Gallagher, Radiohead to LCD Soundsystem, Damon Albarn to John Frusciante who have clearly drawn from their influence from one of the most groundbreaking bands ever to appear out of the 70s. This compilation tries to show music fans what key influence this German duo had on some of today's biggest bands and it includes 2 tracks by NEU! musicians Klaus Dinger (as La Dusseldorf) as well as one by Michael Rother. Across tracks from acts such as the above mentioned as well as Kasabian, LCD Soundsystem, Oasis, Primal Scream, Holy Fuck, School Of Seven Bells and Melbourne's Pets With Pets, the compilation exemplifies to music fans what key influence this German duo had on some of today's biggest bands.

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V/A - Electri_City

Artist: La Düsseldorf, Harmonia, Neu, Eno.u.a.
P: 2014
This compilation shows the roots of german electronic musicians that come out of Düsseldorf. Very good sampler with all you have to know!

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V/A - Kollektion 01

Artist: Roedelius, Moebius, Richmann,
Cluster, Eno. Schickert u.a.

P: 2014
To provide an overview of the various musical styles in which Bureau B specializes, the label will launch a new compilation entitled KOLLEKTION. Each release in this series will be curated by a musician perfectly suited to the task. The first release will be "SKY RECORDS. Compiled by TIM GANE". The erstwhile Stereolab mastermind delves through the archives of the legendary German Krautrock label. Gane: "Sky was one of the labels that represented this more playful second period of innovative German music that first started in the late 60's and had developed in the late 70's into something rather different but, I think, no less groundbreaking."

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V/A - Planets of the Universe 2

Artist: Klaus Schulze, Tangerine Dream, Brainwork,
Roman, Venja, Ron Boots u.a.
P: 1996
This is a nice collection of new and old electronic music artists from the beginning of the 90s.
Just a good selection of all the CUE-Records titles of that time.

Here the last copy!

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V/A - Radiowellen

Artist: Klaus Schulze Michael Rother,
Boots, Keller, Schönwälder u.a.

P: 1995
A very nice compilation with old and new tracks fro the listed artist. Compiled by the radioworkers from local stations.

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V/A - Who's that Man A Tribute to Conny Plank

Artist: Eno, Moebius, Roedelius, Rother,
La Düsseldorf,NEU,Streetmark u.a.

P: 2013
Grönland Records releases a 4 disc CD Box called 'Who's That Man - A Tribute To Conny Plank' as a tribute to legendary German producer Conny Plank. It includes a selection of Plank's most iconic work, along with a series of productions that exemplify his unique sound design. CD 3 features reworks by a host of contemporary artists of the original 24 track magnetic tapes found in the Plank archives. As a previously unreleased gem, the box also contains a live concert by Moebius/ Steffen/ Plank recorded on tape while touring Mexico in 1987.


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Various Artists - Music for the 3rd Millennium Vol.2

Artist: Bernard Xolotl, Michael Stearns, Nick Rhodes,...
P: 2001
LTD 1000
Unreleased Tracks celebrating the masters of electronic, ambient and progressive music.

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