Linear Bells

Linear Bells is an ambientproject from Australia.
Linear Bells
Linear Bells - Esther

Artist: Linear Bells
P: 2012
Breaking boundaries on the brighter and gentler end of soundscaping /mod-classical spectrum, “Esther” tosses and crackles flawlessly. The production method of “Esther” is similar to the end result of an album by a high caliber artists such as Grouper or the mod-classical part of Dakota Suite. Dark, foggy and misty atmospheres are merged together resulting in a spaced-out drone with intimate classical warmth. Needless to say as with the majority of  Linear Bells works the music seems to be happening under the surface or behind a translucent veil. Single and drone(y) notes pierced out in the mist, abstract tunes cut off from the tray of beautiful noise. Gentle sound with soft beat that creeps in, just loud enough to slowly crawl your thought and pushes you to explore the brighter side of all imagination.This is a 10 out of 10 album and another winner for the Twice Removed label.

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