Becker, Fred

He made his first recordings in 1972 using variously electric guitar, organ, found objects and primitive cassette means.  He was mainly a listener at first, though.  His early musical inspirations were mostly from progressive rock of the day.  A little later around 1974 he discovered more interesting electronic artists. He was also exploring classical music and pure electronic music, jazz, and more progressive rock.
As some of his favorite artists began to produce less in the 80's, his desire to make music grew until one day he realized it was an essential part for him.  I had to make music.  And so I began looking for gear.  I first got a tiny Casio VL-Tone for initial expression.  Then finally in 1981 a real synth came along:  the DKI Synergy.  In 1983 I obtained digital recording means.  I began to finally create real electronic music.
After hundreds of compositions, his first CD "Inner, Stellar" was released in 1991, to good success.  It was later reissued on the Nashville Space For Music label.  Then in 1992 he was signed to AD Music (UK) as part of the duo Enterphase and we released "Phase One," "Phase Two" and "Solar Promenades."
He worked with other artists as the groups Ybor, Astra Lingua, Vector Unit, Enterphase, Luster and Conduits.  Along the way, he has given five concerts.
Becker, Fred
Enterphase - Phase 0ne

Artist: Enterphase
P: 1994
Eclectic, improvised sequencer based electronic music from USA duo, similar in style to early Tangerine Dream or Klaus Schulze and a big seller in the mid 90's. In electronic music there are those rare magic moments where artists come together and everything falls into place. Phase One by Enterphase is a documentation of just such a conjunction of favorable conditions. The CD starts with the serene and relaxed Lunar Vista. Then the mood changes to a warmer alien ambience with the piece Altarian Meadow. The next tune is an ethereal, nostalgic, and pretty composition called Andromeda Signal. The music suddenly changes pace as it launches into a TD like tune called Blue Shift. The last piece Time Dilation starts off with a catchy base riff that slowly fades into the background. This long piece gradually fades away leaving the listener relaxed and satisfied.
The cover art is quite striking. Blue and red diamonds swirl into a vortex that draws the viewer's eyes hypnotically. On the back cover is a view of galaxies and comets. Even the CD itself has an interesting design on it.

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Enterphase - Phase 2

Artist: Enterphase
P: 1998
The second offering from Jeff Filbert and Fred Becker serves up 9 spontaneously composed pieces, except for some sections added in post production. The sleevenotes are meticulous in pointing these out, together with crediting each of the individual elements of each piece. Detail seems high on the agenda here. The approach is perhaps what most people would expect, with a rhythmic sequenced backbone forming the skeleton, leaving various elements to flesh out the sound. Often the sequenced sections come across very well, with tracks such as ‘Energy Field’ and ‘Edge of the Century’ serving up some classic pulsations.
Enterphase approaches us with a new electronic work of the best quality. The band is reaching the height of his musical virtuosity. Phase 2 could become a production to be remembered for a long time. The style, powerful, agile and with a great use of sequencers, enters within the realm of Space Music. The nine compositions included in this album are pure electronic music, with the philosophy of exploring new sonic continents nonetheless without abandoning melody and rhythm. These two become fused into complex constructions, where the sequencers shape the melodies. Almost all the passages are dense, incorporating complicated sequenced paragraphs, mysterious melodies and magic environments.

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Enterphase - Solar Promenades

Artist: Enterphase
P: 2004
There is an enchantment and mystery to this wonderfully poetic space music adventure in the old school analog vein but yet feathering out into a freshness unique to this moment and time...The pristine quality of letting a CD play over and over again without getting tired sounding is contained within Solar Promenades. A magically healing quality.
Enterphase consist of Fred Becker and Jeff Filbert with guest musicians and on 'Solar Promenades' the band have developed their sound without radically departing from previous output. On the opening title track melodic chimes are accompanied by cosmic treatments and effects which meander pleasantly along until around the three minute mark some string effects add a little more atmosphere and gravitas. 'After Service' begins eccentrically with unusual rhythms, distorted loops set against a slowly drifting ambient space backdrop. 'Procession at Dawn' has a more stately backdrop to the electronic effects which sound similar to those deployed on early Hawkwind albums, with ascending and descending bleeps and rushes. 'Ice and Lace' is more laid back cosmic soundscapes with sequencers and melodics drifting similarly towards mid 70's Tangerine Dream circa 'Green Desert'. 'Courtyard Memories' has the most recognisable melody so far that is repeated with subtle variations. David Wright adds keyboards and atmospherics to 'Sky Surge' and 'Snow Paths' which are successful pieces, with the latter being one of the highlights of the set with a well crafted melody and keen sense of dynamics and understated drama. 'Time Unbound' returns to the more characteristic cosmic drift of the title track with sequencers and improvised effects.'When the Morrow Breaks' begins gently with ethereal voices and understated treatments and chimes which gradually build up the atmosphere. 'For You' closes the set in more impressionistic style but with all the trademark effects and by now of course you will know if Enterphase's excursions into deep space float your cosmic clipper or not. This album certainly is a progression from the previous release with a little more melodic input and variation but as previously stated does not radically alter the Enterphase agenda. Space cadets sign up here.

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Fred Becker - Inner, Stellar

Artist: Fred Becker
P: 1992
This CD is filled with sensations of space travel. Fred Becker's gentle, pulsating music has a slow-motion, zero-gravity feel to it, beginning with the quiet ascension of the opening and title track and through the nine-minute "Star Canopy", as one drifts out to the galaxies, and then on to the seven shorter pieces which lead to the heart of Inner, Stellar, the 27-minute opus, "Breakthroughs".
Here Becker unwinds and twists the sounds ever so gradually through a kaleidoscope of space music motifs, using a variety of synthesizers to achieve the desired effect.

This was the succesful debut by Fred Becker with his way of playing space-ambient at its best. He has some far away sequencing in his spacious titles with a lot of reverb and heavenly melodies which never get to direct.

Here the last factory CD!

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