Baltes, Steve

The Cologne based musician and producer. Also a member of Ashra and many collaborations with other musicians for example Harald Grosskopf and Sunya Beat.
Baltes, Steve
Baltes, Grosskopf, Heilhecker - Four Times Three

Artist: Baltes, Grosskopf & Heilhecker
P: 2004
First released on Manikin label in 2001 and rereleased by Groove in 2004, Viermal Drei (4x3) from Grosskopf, Baltes, Heilhecker, is no more and no less an extension of Ashra’s works, but with a more industrial touch, always binding itself within psychedelic approach on a fine technoide structure. A great album which contains 4 extremely interesting titles. “Four Times Three” (4x3) is released under their own names. The four tracks on “Four Times Three” all have traces of the great classic Ashra albums. This means pumping sequences, great percussion- and drum parts, fine electronic atmospheres and some excellent guitar playing. In Ashra this is the job for Manuel Goettsching. He is also a little present on “Four Times Three” because a sequence of him is used in “Crazy Snake”.
“The Long Walk” shows a darker side of the trio.
For all Ashra-fans and those who are into rhythmic electronic music, “Four Times Three” is an absolute must-have.

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Deep Voices (Steve Baltes + Dyloot) - The Blue Hour

Artist: Steve Baltes & Dyloot
P: 2006

Fast Tracks.

Here the last copy!

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Fishmoon - Fishmoon

Artist: Fishmoon
P: 1994 / 2007    

Harald Grosskopf
Bertil Mark
Helmut Zerlett
Steve Baltes
Axel Manrico Heilhecker

1994 ,the idea came up, to record a instrumental album, which should be routed more to atmospheres, than to structural aspects in music. To accomplish this Heilhecker collected relics of his guitar-laboratories during his work as producer for Phonoroid,
Sunya Beat, Thomas Kagermann, Samson Gassama,or  Andreas Ludwig. This was done between 1995 and 1998. As a result this album established a visual sound, mainly leaded by Heilhecker's guitar, but far away from common string-acrobatics. Most different musical styles and guitar-specific playing-technics had been dismantled and brought together in new aspects. All instruments were played mainly by himself this time.
"Listening to my album today, i find all influences of my collaboratories in the 90's very clearly comin' upfront.
No picture - no sound ,this formula always has been putting a spell on me.
Steve Baltes and Harald Grosskopf, my longtime fellows since those days ,represent the musical caesura of the late 90's, the moveover from linear recording to virtual tracking.
Fishmoon ,moon in pisces
,is analog to a situation of sensitive processes and expressions, or a time
, when one is not able to lock up from in- and external sensations - a state of unlimitation.
What started as a collection will be continued as a conceptional edition and released Nov -  06."

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Harald Grosskopf + Steve Baltes - Holo Syndrome

Artist: Harald Grosskopf & Steve Baltes
P: 1997
This is very fast music by the two Ashra members.

Here the last copy!

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Lemonchill - Sleeping with Giants

Artist: Lemonchill
P: 2010

Id~an aka Lemonchill brings us a new remix album. The album titled 'Sleeping with giants' will take your mind, body and soul through Subconsciousness astral waves. Featuring remix's from well respected electronic music artists such as Zero cult, Side liner, Hol Baumann, Terra Nine and Chronos, as well as new promising acts such as, Mindwave and Limbo.
'Sleeping with giants' is guaranteed to bring a new sensation to chill out and electronica music lovers out there. From the melancholic chill out remix for 'Moonlight Sonata' by Zero Cult to the experimental 'Subconsciousness whispers' remix by Limbo.
Once again, Lemonchill managed to produce unique sound and atmosphere

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N-Tribe (Harald Grosskopf + Steve Baltes) - Tower of Power

Artist: Harald Grosskopf & Steve Baltes
P: 1998 / 2004
Named after a modern art show in 1998, Tower of Power was previously only available to attendees of the show as part of the events catalogue. Thankfully the general EM-buying public can now hear this very good music by Steve Baltes and Harald Grosskopf.
Four lengthy sonic excursions are allowed room to grow, starting with the rhythmic gyrations of “Space”. Modern and edgy, it’s a little hard to describe, straddling the borders of trance, techno, Berlin school, and prog rock, not necessarily in that order. Mainly, it’s about beats, but there are times that the synthesizers are permitted center stage to float about. I can think of nothing to compare it to really, and I love it. Great energy, great sounds, great music.
“Speech” starts with rapid-fire clipped vocal samples, literally going “dop-dop-di-da-dop,” or something along those lines. This phrase becomes a mantra, melding with the rest of the percussion. Again the sound is much more forward than retro, and the rhythms are practically the lead instrument. Amusingly, “Speed” moves along at a leisurely pace, at first quite formless but Baltes and Grosskopf can never leave the beats behind for long, and they pound forcefully along, occasionally dropping back to allow the electronics to play and stretch a bit.
sounds very much like “Crazy Snake” from Four Times Three with Baltes, Grosskopf, and Heilhecker, without the screeching lead synth line, thankfully.
Again the rhythm is king, and it carries through to the end.
Originally released as limited edition for a live performance of MISCHA KUBALL at "Tower Of Power" art performance, Hannover 1998.

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Schwingungen Radio auf CD - Edition Nr.239  04/15
Schwingungen - Radio auf CD
Edition Nr.: 239
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Schwingungen Radio auf CD - Edition Nr.266 07/17
Schwingungen - Radio auf CD
Edition Nr.: 266
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Schwingungen Radio auf CD - Edition Nr.291 08/2019
Schwingungen - Radio auf CD
Edition Nr.: 291

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