Yney (meaning “hoar-frost”) is the collaborative project of three musicians – Jury Orlov, Igor Shaposhnikov and Andrew Kireev from Russia.
Yney - Antarctina

Artist: Ynev
P: 2004
This CD was recorded at the end of the 20th century during three summer days & nights in the city of Moscow, in a house located on Samokatnaya Street by Yuri Orlov, Andrew Kireev & Igor Shaposhnikov. Drums and bass underpin a mysterious variety of unique sounds as we are launched into places dark, yet rhythmic (in many cases). The sonic creations on this landscape are quite interesting and lead the listener to numerous surprises. This chilling experience is well recorded and features top-notch artwork (such as we have come to expect from Electroshock Records). There's definitely a groove at work here, and plenty of exciting aural adventures.

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