Watkiss, Thomas

Thomas completed his undergraduate studies at the University of Pittsburgh (’03) and his graduate work at Konstfack University of Art and Design in Stockholm (’06). He has completed independent and professional residencies in Göteborg, Sweden (’03) and in Bergen, Norway (’08). He is a 2009 stipend recipient of the Bergen Council. Thomas now lives and works in New York City.
Travel is a key component in the work of Thomas Watkiss. For the past decade, he has utilized travel as a creative foundation--placing himself in foreign environments, adapting to languages, customs and values while never resting in one place for too long. Sketches, paintings and sound recordings serve as fragments of his confrontations and memory where the audience is met with his experience of foreignness and vulnerability--allowing for their own imagination, curiosity (and even fears) to lead them.
His work deals with the relationship of movement of both corrosive surface pattern and the unled structure of organic life. Thomas’ work is often a reaction to how natural formations mould themselves over time and exposure to the elements, influenced by isolation or even the confrontation with man. Both his visual and sound works go without the trace of human presence, only to focus on natural manifest of form by degrees of growth, decay and time. Simultaneously, he is not short of releasing bold experiments or social critiques to his audience in constantly alienating the role of man in his work.
Watkiss, Thomas
Thomas Watkiss - Ancestor Phase II

Artists: Thomas Watkiss
P: 2009
Thomas Watkiss is an American visual artist and experimental composer and this is his second release in the Ancestor triology.
Dense drone ambient music for uneasy listening , with a great sense of darkness and mystery.
This deluxe edition includes a live bonus CD, documenting a concert in Norway.
Comes in a lovely slimline 6 panel digipack with UV matte coating.

14,90 EUR
incl. 19% tax excl. Shipping costs
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