Zygar, Jens

In 1985 he founded the Klanghaus, a holistic institut for sound research, therapy and performing arts. At that time he started to work with gongs and meditation – technique.
It was even earlier, that he met Hans Cousto who introduced him with the concept of the Cosmic Octave and it was in 1989, when Jens contacted the company PAISTE, the world largest producer for cymbals and gongs. Together they invented the Planet Gongs. Recordings as well as writings by Jens Zygar can be found from that time.
In 1989 he met Steve Schroyder on a festival in suisse and from that moment on, he dedicated his life to the STAR SOUNDS ORCHESTRA.
Zygar, Jens
Jens Zygar - Gongs

Artist: Jens Zygar
The album contains meditative gong music, that has a harmonizing effect on the body and the whole energetic system.

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