Feralia Planitia

DJ and producer Simona Dellamorte, based in Haarlem, The Netherlands. She is the woman behind the electro project Feralia Planitia.

Her love for electronic music in all of its many forms is something that can clearly be heard in her work. While growing up in Italy, she became a fan of techno and EBM, but also of more experimental styles of electronic music, including industrial. After Simona moved to the Netherlands, she found further inspiration when she discovered new forms of electronic music being created by other contemporary artists.
Feralia Planitia
Feralia Planitia - Same

Artist: Feralia Planitia
P: 2021

Dellamorte’s compositions evoke the diverse styles of electronic music she loves, but at the same time it sounds highly personal and original. Using a mix of hardware, software synths and percussions, she creates entrancing tracks with a futuristic, dystopian feel, bolstered by captivating rhythms that are never obvious.
Sci-fi and cyberpunk-inspired electro by Feralia Planitia, a one woman project.

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