The fantastic music of Gerald Arend
Klangwelt - Here and Why
Artist: Klangwelt
P: 2022

The predecessor "The Incident" from 2018 was played extensively on the radio in America, and not without reason: Gerald Arend aka Klangwelt is known for innovative electronics, and his fifth album surprises again with fresh impulses and expressive sounds.
Noises and snatches of speech from the dark past meet cold beats and sequencers ("Cold War Child"), Mellotron choirs meet pearly piano arpeggios ("Corium") and rich bass synths meet Jean-Michel-Jarre-like sequences ("Futurist"). Vocoder pop reminiscent of Kraftwerk and OMD ("Information") alternates with stylishly alienated vocal samples ("Muse") and warm analogue pads à la Vangelis ("Ago").
Klangwelt has been inspired by the huge variety of European electronic music, but has long since found its own unmistakable signature. "Here and Why" is a mature album, unpredictable in the best sense of the word, full of details worth discovering, excellently produced and always melodic and accessible despite all the joy of experimentation.
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Klangwelt - The Incident
Artist: Klangwelt
P: 2018

The Incident“ is something special, because on his 4th album Gerald Arend aka Klangwelt manages to make a blend of extraordinary elements and selected sounds to produce an unusual and captivating opus. Soft and warm harmonies meet technical sounds, dreamy melodies meet bizarre tone patterns. Accentuated Beats, Sequences, sometimes minimalistic at another time powerful, Cosmic Spheres and Speech Quotes are put together to exciting compositions, that are accompanied by bizarre and sometimes excentric sound creations and strange vocal-samples. The atmospherically-flowing tracks seem to play with feelings of wellness and threat which sometimes arouse tension and power, at another time let you calm down again. Dreamy atmospheres are interwoven by decent discords and strange parts are enriched by harmonic elements, traditional sounds are combined with innovative sound experiments. A fantastic, excellent produced sound travel, full of charming contrasts. Recommended (not only) to all Klangwelt-fans.
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Klangwelt - Weltweit
Artist: Klangwelt
P: 2002

Melodic sequencer electronicmusic.  In 2002 it was voted as best CD of the year and best newcomer.

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Schwingungen Radio auf CD - Edition Nr.260  01/17
Schwingungen - Radio auf CD
Edition Nr.: 260
5,00 EUR
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Schwingungen Radio auf CD - Edition Nr.278 07/18
Schwingungen - Radio auf CD
Edition Nr.: 278

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Schwingungen Radio auf CD - Edition Nr.331 12/2022
Schwingungen - Radio auf CD
Edition Nr.: 331
The Final Edition!
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V/A - Spheric Music Silver (Schulze, Schroeder a.o.)

Artist: Klaus Schulze, Robert Schroeder, Axess, Loreau, Lambert
P: 2016
No, we are not Jean-Michel Jarre, Kraftwerk or Vangelis. But Spheric Music celebrates
its 25th birthday by presenting again a precious, high-quality electronic sampler
with unreleased jewels of Spheric Music artists as well as 2 rare bonus tracks by
Joel Fajerman and Klaus Schulze! 

The opener by Joel Fajerman, known for his french film music, is a rare track of
his archive, which is the debut for Joel Fajerman on Spheric Music (a further
release is scheduled). Also a rare gem came by Klaus Schulze. It is a honour
to have him on board with „The Breeze“
a title long time go released on the “Contemporary Works 1” Box (out of stock for a long time). The CD ends with the earworm “Silver” by label owner Lambert. The album is characterized by melodic electronics, rhythmic-pulsating tracks, harmonic sounds, melancholy atmospheres and traditional Berlin School titles The featured artists are known for:
Joel Fajerman (L'aventure des plantes / the secret life of the plants), Robert Schroeder (Cygnus-A), Klangwelt (Weltweit), Axess (Pyramid Peak), Vanderson (Vandisphere), Rudolf Heimann (Touch The Sky), Mesmerised (Palantir – Empire Of Illusions), Bertrand Loreau (Le Pays Blanc, From Past To Past), Klaus Schulze (Mirage, Moondawn etc), Lambert (Light Sky, Drachenreise).

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Various Artists - Electronic Music for Life

Artist: Maxxess, Moonbooter, Spyra, Robert Schroeder,
You, Eroc, B.Kistenmacher, Wellenfeld u.v.a.

P: 2011
All new titles compsed for this compilation.
On March 11th, 2011, Japan had to experience the most powerful earthquake of its history. Pictures of the following Tsunami were seen around the world. This natural catastrophe caused extensive and long lasting consequences. In one word: Fukushima.
Ten thousands of people died, hundred thousands are homeless. Families, children and old people are fighting for their livelihood. The world is shocked and takes share in the fate of the concerned. The quiet and proud japanese people welcome this solace. But even a country like Japan cannot manage the enormous challenges alone. Therefore, the consoling words have to be followed by action!
Based on this thought, Mellowjet-Records started the project "Electronic Music FOR LIFE" shortly after the catastrophe. The idea was to release a compilation and to donate the complete revenue to a charitable organisation. The response and readiness of the addressed artists to support this project was overwhelming. So, INTERDISC agreed to sponsor the first release of a double-cd-production. Even more artists joint the project.
The Eroc Mastering Ranch offered a free audio mastering. Company Rebeat offered the free digital marketing and added a special sponsoring package. A survey among the participating artists confirmed, that the revenue should be donated to the Deutsches Rotes Kreuz (DRK). Due to this remarkable development the DRK was convinced to support this project by allocating their logo. Within a few weeks only, Mellowjet-Records was able to compile and produce an excellent, 150 minutes long double-cd which involves all faces
of contemporary electronic music. Most of the 27 songs from 27 different bands and musicians have been composed exclusively for this project.
Only to mention some: Robert Schroeder, Eroc, Bernd Kistenmacher, Rolf Maier Bode, Harald Grosskopf, Mythos, Matthias Beine, Wellenfeld, Dithmar, moonbooter, Uwe Reckzeh, Spyra and many, many more. Besides dreamy sequences of Berlin School, powerful chorals, piano-ballades, orchestral works and danceable electronic music this double-cd offers as well experimental pieces, synthiepop, spacerock, chillout and ambient
music. Thus, this album should be part of every collection!
All artists as well as the label waive their share of profits. The whole revenue from sales of the double-cd and downloads will be donated to a project of the Deutsches Rotes Kreuz and will support the people in Japan directly.
Please support the victims in Japan by buying this album. Even if the world tends to forget quickly: the misery will remain in the everyday life of the people in Japan for a very long time.
Thank you very much!

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