Subsonic Park

Alex Azary and Gabriel Le Mar are the artists behind this name.
Subsonic Park
Subsonic Park - Echoes from Inside

Artist: Subsonic Park
P: 2009
Elux 003
Catching  DJ Mixes, DeepHouse, TechHouse and DubTech.
The second collaboration is the right evolution of the last two years.

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Various Artists - 2000 and Space (Elux)

Artist: Various Artists
P: 2010
As most people already thought electronica and chill out have been for ever spoiled and degraded to cheap sell out labels by those countless and tasteless lounge and Ibiza compilations, a CD came flying in, ready to save us from this jazzyloungychill-mess of the last years and re-new our perspective on this genre.
This creation is entitled 2000 and Space and is nothing less than the latest project of Alex Azary and his from elektrolux to elux records re-labelled imprint, which has been responsible for various seminal projects and releases since beginning of the nineties.
Especially with the euro wide broadcasted TV nightshow Space Night on Bavarian stations br and br-alpha, Alex Azary significantly contributed to establishing electronic sounds and music in German TV, film and other massmedia, even making it into feuilettons of prestigious German papers ‚Die Zeit’ and ‚F.A.Z.’.
That was 1996 up to 2001. The last Space Night compilation Alex Azary compiled was Vol. 9. following attempts to keep the series going and benefit from the cult status of the series, can be described best as "me too". This in mind, it doesn't come as a surprise to see the shows for which the music has been selected by Alex Azary still on air every night, after more than ten years...
Now Alex Azary and elux records present their 2k version of this format in full HD and with fresh new tracks, entitled ‚2000 and Space’. Accompagning the upcoming TV Pilot (...on Blu-ray soon!) elux records presents ‚2000 and Space – The mission continues. Vol. 1’, a simply remarkable Double CD Compilation, assembling the most sought after and talented electronic artists and producers of now.
No doubt, with acts and artists like Aural Float, Dan Curtin, Daniel Stefanik, Fous De La Mer, Gabriel Le Mar, Gui Boratto, Jonson, Lawrence, Luna City Express, Lusine, Quantum Leap, Ripperton, Solee, Subsonic Park, Sven Weisemann and others, this compilation by elux records sets the benchmark in electronica and chill out for 2010.

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Various Artists - The Beatless Collection Vol. 1

Artist: Various Artists
P: 2008
Elektrolux e10100000cd
When looking back on the development of electronic dance music during the past twenty years in fast forward mode, one of the few remaining constants is the beat: living metre of the club, catalyser of motor activity, heartbeat of the dancer. But why?
Meanwhile, the trendsetters of the current electronica scene follow a more differentiated approach. Pace and rhythmicity, the syncopic chords and sequences and, last but not least, deep emotional worlds of sound are positioning this new form of electronic dance music clearly in a club context without the bass drum playing her sometimes even crushing role. Finally, energetic tracks with musicality and sensual passion can be produced without drums very well. Now, Elektrolux mastermind Alex Azary applies himself to this phenomenon by the first and definitely ground-breaking compilation in the still young year 2008. This is just a logical consequence as Alex Azary, together with his co-producer Gabriel Le Mar, already anticipated a comparable sound aesthetics at his gigs at the UK cult club Orbit, Leeds, about ten years ago. This hybrid of club music and experimental electronics also characterizes the joint productions of Alex Azary and Gabriel Le Mar's brand new Subsonic Park project in terms of pace, deepness and the unterstanding of dub. On "the Beatless Collection", two tracks of the project can be found. The other compilation contributors are Kompakt producers Gui Boratto and Hiroshi Watanabe (aka Kaito), Anders Trentemøller (Copenhagen) Joris Voorn, Chymera, Ovum and Delsin ambassador of Ireland, Taho or Deadmau5 ˆ the list just reads like the who is who of current club music.
Many of the tracks now are released on CD for the first time. When downloading the album at Beatport or iTunes, you will get an additional mixed version with your download. Then at the latest, the circle to club aesthetics closes irrevocably.

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