Sunya Beat

Steve Baltes, Harald Grosskopf and Axel Heilhecker form this group. Mix between traditional Indian and Electronics.
Sunya Beat
Andreas Ludwig - Callings of the Night

Artist: Andreas Ludwig
P: 1999
Music in the Sunya Beat style, but much more slower. Indian flute music with percussions.
Very relaxed and a kind of New Age. But the lineup is fantastic:

Harald Grosskopf - djembe, talking, drum
Axel Manrico Heilhecker - guitars, keyboards
Dirk Herweg - percussion
Thomas Kagermann - violin
Stefan Krachten - drums & percussion
Jaki Liebezeit  - dholak
Reiner Linke - drums & percussion
Andreas Ludwig - bamboo flutes, ekthari, tanpura, tibetan bowls

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Fishmoon - Fishmoon

Artist: Fishmoon
P: 1994 / 2007    

Harald Grosskopf
Bertil Mark
Helmut Zerlett
Steve Baltes
Axel Manrico Heilhecker

1994 ,the idea came up, to record a instrumental album, which should be routed more to atmospheres, than to structural aspects in music. To accomplish this Heilhecker collected relics of his guitar-laboratories during his work as producer for Phonoroid,
Sunya Beat, Thomas Kagermann, Samson Gassama,or  Andreas Ludwig. This was done between 1995 and 1998. As a result this album established a visual sound, mainly leaded by Heilhecker's guitar, but far away from common string-acrobatics. Most different musical styles and guitar-specific playing-technics had been dismantled and brought together in new aspects. All instruments were played mainly by himself this time.
"Listening to my album today, i find all influences of my collaboratories in the 90's very clearly comin' upfront.
No picture - no sound ,this formula always has been putting a spell on me.
Steve Baltes and Harald Grosskopf, my longtime fellows since those days ,represent the musical caesura of the late 90's, the moveover from linear recording to virtual tracking.
Fishmoon ,moon in pisces
,is analog to a situation of sensitive processes and expressions, or a time
, when one is not able to lock up from in- and external sensations - a state of unlimitation.
What started as a collection will be continued as a conceptional edition and released Nov -  06."

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Sunya Beat - Comin' Soon

Artist: Sunya Beat
P: 2006 
This CD from 2006 features 77 minutes of dynamic electronic music culled
from live performances from 2001 through 2003 at Burg Herzberg Festival,
Ricochet Gathering Poland, and E-live Eindhoven.
Sunya Beat is: Axel Manrico Heilhecker on guitar and loops, Harold
Grosskopf on drums, and Steve Baltes on keyboards and loops. Grosskopf
and Baltes have both played extensively with Manuel Gottsching in Ashra.
Energy runs very high in this music, with its pounding velocity and rollicking
delivery. The band is tight, and the tuneage is ecstatic in scope.
The guitar is hyperactive and acrobatic, generating riffs of blinding intensity
and sequences of shimmering delicacy. Nimble-fingers achieve chords of
engaging complexity that cavort with serpentine agility. Shrill passages
achieve an astral quality, while at other times the riffs attain an elated rock-
out demeanor that is breathtaking.
The percussion is masterful, bursting with sultry rhythms of cosmic rapture.
Beats explode with dynamic disposition, accomplishing tempos of
mesmerizing appeal. Besides providing propulsion for the tunes, the
rhythms become a living force that seeps into the subconscious and
imprints itself on the audience's genetic code, leaving a glorious lasting
The keyboards establish lavish tapestries of ethereal substance, then
pepper the mix with melodious sweeps of endearing character. Dreamy
passages are created with ease, streaming like honey and bonding the
music's aspects into a surging fluidity. The electronics are sinuous and
sneaky, lurking between notes like a supernatural force.
These compositions display acute perfection, exuding a demonstrative
entertainment factor that is superbly infectious. The elegant fusion of trance
and high energy is wondrous to behold.
One of the CD's most delightful tracks is "Bond's Off" in which the band
toys and twists with the James Bond theme, producing a dazzlingly snappy
version full of captivating beats and bewitching guitar licks.

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Sunya Beat - Delhi Slide

Artist: Sunya Beat
P: 1999
To be able to play complete concerts, they got together with Steve Baltes,  who was asked to work with them on a couple of tracks of  their album "Delhi Slide". This third electronic element completes the Sunya Beat sound. Their gigs already became a legend ,  since they offer a unique remix-style of  archaic ethno and modern beats , Old School Elektronik , Prog-elements , 60's and 70's classic Rock-trio-sound , same as Jazz-styles of the early fusion phase , Dub , Ambient or 60's pop. Their spacy attitude and excursions made them compared to a 2010 Pink Floyd . Welcome to the Sunya Beat - Wall of  Space Sound !

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Sunya Beat - Jelenia Gora Sessions

Artist: Sunya Beat (Grosskopf & Baltes & Heilhecker)
P: 2005
Ricochet Gathering Poland 2004
This release from 2005 offers 73 minutes of energized electronic tuneage recorded live at the Ricochet Gathering in Poland on September 10, 2004.
Sunya Beat is: Steve Baltes, Harold Grosskopf and Axel Manrico Heilhecker.

Sultry electronics, agile percussion, and searing guitar combine to create luscious music that is as capable of transfixing as it is of energizing the listener. A sense of liquidity is prominent in the electronics, imbuing the music with a slithery character that in highly engaging. Utilizing versatile sounds, the electronics provide a steadfast degree of charm with bewitching textures and more demonstrative riffs.
The percussion is topnotch; no surprise considering Grosskopf’s legendary status earned from his work with Klaus Schulze and Manuel Göttsching’s band Ashra during the heyday of German electronic recordings. The rhythms here are snappy and intricate, generating tempos of hypnotic quality that are rich with vivacious animation. At the same time, many of the beats are strong and commanding, conveying brisk energy with relentless delivery.

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Sunya Beat - Sunya Beat

Artist: Sunya Beat
P: 1998
In 1997 Axel Manrico Heilhecker and Harald Grosskopf released their
first common album as "Sunya Beat" .
It was produced by Axel in order to feature Haralds ability ,to create
great dynamic sequences on ancient acoustic instruments and selfmade trash-drums .
This became more and more enjoyable for the two musicians
and ended up in forming the band. And Axel always knows this certain style of guitarplay, that reminds us to Manuels way at Ashra.

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Sunya Beat - Wandyah

Artist: Samson Gassama & Axel Manrico Heilhecker (Sunya Beat)
P: 1999
This friendly music is a style between Passport, african drums, percussion und the unbeatable guitarplay of Heihecker. Very rhythmic with a little Ashra melody style.

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Various Artists - Open Air Burg Herzberg Best Of Part 2

Artists: Various Artists
P: 1999
This is a recording of the live concert held at Burg Herzberg in 1999, where all of the artists of this CD played live. A kind of Woodstock in Germany with a lot of Krautrock bands.

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