Behind this project, we find Bernd Schulte born 1967. He lives beside the Möhnelake in the german Sauerland area. He plays synthesizer after a classical pianoeducation.
Xylvanya - Variations of Life

Artists: Xylvanya
P: 1993
He released his debut in 1994 with the self-production "Variations Of Life". This CD contains 12 tracks with a total running time of approximately 63 minutes. The playing time of each track is 1:51 to 8:14 minutes. Bernd played all these pieces, without a computer, recorded in multi-track sequencer process. For this purpose he used a keyboard and a DAT recorder. In the individual pieces is recognizable among other things, the style of Mike Oldfield or Alan Parsons. Especially the occasional tempo and rhythm changes are very similar to those of Oldfield.

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