His musical career started in 1966 and he worked together with Michael Rother and Wolfgang Flühr (Kraftwerk). In 1977 he was mordered a short time after finishing his first solo recording.
Riechmann - Wunderbar

Artist: Riechmann
P:  1978 / 2009
This is an absolute gem of German electronic music from 1978 influenced by Tangerine Dream, Kraftwerk and NEU! Sequencer patterns meet synthesizer layers and simple, spherical melodies. Really "wunderbar"!

15,90 EUR
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V/A - Kollektion 01

Artist: Roedelius, Moebius, Richmann,
Cluster, Eno. Schickert u.a.

P: 2014
To provide an overview of the various musical styles in which Bureau B specializes, the label will launch a new compilation entitled KOLLEKTION. Each release in this series will be curated by a musician perfectly suited to the task. The first release will be "SKY RECORDS. Compiled by TIM GANE". The erstwhile Stereolab mastermind delves through the archives of the legendary German Krautrock label. Gane: "Sky was one of the labels that represented this more playful second period of innovative German music that first started in the late 60's and had developed in the late 70's into something rather different but, I think, no less groundbreaking."

16,80 EUR
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Various Artists - Silberland Vol 1: The Psychedelic Side Of Kosmische Musik

Artist: Various Artists
P: 2022
Fellow humans, Bureau B invite you on an expedition to Silberland, a singular span of spacetime created by Germa – ny’s sonic futurists of the seventies and eighties. Embracing the early electronics and tape experiments of the six- ties’ avant-garde, these artists aimed to boldly go, eschewing small steps for giant leaps into a nebulous and novel soun

18,90 EUR
incl. 19% tax excl. Shipping costs
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