Danger in Dream

Danger in Dream are Alexander Guelfenburg and Robert Wittek, both born in Vienna, Austria. In the EM scene they are well known as successful solo artists. As the name suggests, their project is a tribute to the grandmasters of the electronic music. However Danger in Dream can not be dismissed just as another TD clone. They are more. These two gentlemen know exactly what they do and they have their own unmistakable signature. Although you can hear their love for the early 80s, their music sounds fresh, vital and contemporary. You just need to hear the music to understand the hype behind Danger in Dream. Very recommended for TD lovers and fans of melodic sequencer music.
Danger in Dream
Danger in Dream - Iconic

Artists: Danger in Dream
P: 2019

Iconic is Danger in Dream´s new album. Like the legendary predecessor Entrance, this album is produced in the style of Berlin School, expanded with progressive elements. Iconic offers everything that delights us fans of electronic music: a lot of those great PPG sounds, driving sequences, analog moog basses, catchy solos, etc.
Danger in Dream use only hardware synthesizers, which are recorded in numerous live sessions in the studio. Accompanied by sequencers and arpeggiators, the artists record only the mixed stereo signal. The music gets it´s sound in a professional studio by the best sound engineers. The focus on the magic of the moment and the open approach give Iconic that distinctive organic flavour. Iconic is a sensational album. If you like TD's Exit, Logos or Hyperborea, then you will surely love Iconic.

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Hybrid Machine - Debut!

Artists: Hybrid Machine
P: 1996
This is the first CD by the synthesizer project "Hybrid Machine". The CD contains enjoyable electronic music with modern sound structures, interesting sequencer lines, superb melodies. Hybrid Machine´s first CD - Debut! - contains "conventional" synthesizer music. Although the hardware of Robovox was finished the operation of the prototype was not optimal. In Debut! I used Robovox several times, but only as an effect and not as a singing voice.
Debut! impresses the listener with it´s superb musical and technical quality.

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Schwingungen Radio auf CD - Edition Nr.295 12/2019
Schwingungen - Radio auf CD
Edition Nr.: 295

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