Fajerman, Joel

One of the great french electronic pioneers. He started to release his compositions in 1978.
Fajerman, Joel
Joel Fajerman - La Aventura de las Plantas

Artists: Joel Fajerman
P: 1982 / 1997
One of the great electronic music pioneers from France. His music is in the style of Jarre's Equinoxe and it souns as if it is played with the same analogue Synthesizer instruments.

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V/A - Spheric Music Silver (Schulze, Schroeder a.o.)

Artist: Klaus Schulze, Robert Schroeder, Axess, Loreau, Lambert
P: 2016
No, we are not Jean-Michel Jarre, Kraftwerk or Vangelis. But Spheric Music celebrates
its 25th birthday by presenting again a precious, high-quality electronic sampler
with unreleased jewels of Spheric Music artists as well as 2 rare bonus tracks by
Joel Fajerman and Klaus Schulze! 

The opener by Joel Fajerman, known for his french film music, is a rare track of
his archive, which is the debut for Joel Fajerman on Spheric Music (a further
release is scheduled). Also a rare gem came by Klaus Schulze. It is a honour
to have him on board with „The Breeze“
a title long time go released on the “Contemporary Works 1” Box (out of stock for a long time). The CD ends with the earworm “Silver” by label owner Lambert. The album is characterized by melodic electronics, rhythmic-pulsating tracks, harmonic sounds, melancholy atmospheres and traditional Berlin School titles The featured artists are known for:
Joel Fajerman (L'aventure des plantes / the secret life of the plants), Robert Schroeder (Cygnus-A), Klangwelt (Weltweit), Axess (Pyramid Peak), Vanderson (Vandisphere), Rudolf Heimann (Touch The Sky), Mesmerised (Palantir – Empire Of Illusions), Bertrand Loreau (Le Pays Blanc, From Past To Past), Klaus Schulze (Mirage, Moondawn etc), Lambert (Light Sky, Drachenreise).

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