Nunc Stans

Anthony Paul Kerby (APK) is an electro-ambient musican and ex-philosopher residing in Ontario, Canada. He was born and raised in rural southern England, moving to Canada in his mid 20s. Initially trained on classical/spanish guitar, but now almost exclusively keyboards and related electronic technology, digital manipulations, and field recordings. He crafts original sonic ambient landscapes and subtle electronica under three names: The Circular Ruins, Lammergeyer, and Nunc Stans. He has released many highly-praised solo albums and a number of collaborations. The music tends towards deep and fascinating immersive atmospheric soundscapes that range from lush to minimal. The tone is melancholic, moving and thoughtful, with drawn-out melodic lines that are sometimes interwoven with understated rhythmic elements, frayed and grainy synth experiments, occasional indecipherable voices, curious noises, and ambient field recordings. This is inventive, well-crafted music that rewards close listening and that will have you coming back for more.


Nunc Stans
Nautic Depth + Nunc Stans - Falling Silent

Artist: Nautic Depth & Nunc Stans
P: 2015
About 2 years in progress, Falling Silent is the first collaboration album by Nautic Depths. It explores sombre and highly intimate sound worlds, maintaining an expressive flow with many embedded details. So far it´s the warmest album by Nautic Depths, with a focus on touching and latent harmonic layers especially in the lower end of the music - you won´t hear any intrusive or ear-piercing sounds on this album. Falling Silent works perfectly for any kind of relaxation and personal reflection, as all music is mixed without interruption between the tracks.

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Nunc Stans + Mystified - One Thousand Dreams

Artist: Nunc Stans and Mystified
P: 2009
A collaboration between Nunc Stans (Anthony Paul Kerby, Canada) and Mystified (Thomas Park, USA)
An immersive set of richly detailed dreamscapes that flow and shift with a sophisticated ease and engaging lyric beauty. Expect a haunting mix of grainy drone, sonic curiosities, and occasional treated field recording, all bound together by exquisite drawn-out melodic lines.
The origin of this work is a set of long drone pieces crafted by Thomas from recordings of sferics (electrical discharges in the atmosphere). These flowing treated noise pieces then served as the basis for Anthony's more synth-based accompaniments and sonic embellishments.

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Nunc Stans - Meridian + Bonus CD

Artist: Nunc Stans
P: 2009
Nunc Stans, a side project of The Circular Ruins, has always been inspired by far northern landscapes and the subjective states that accompany or are induced by them. Much of this collection is a sonic analog of those landscapes ... drawn in sound across the silence.
A sublime journey through expansive soundworlds, rich with detail, immersive atmospheres, and an underlying grandeur.
Composed an performed by Anthony Paul Kerby late 2008 to early 2009.
As Bonus we include the CD: Nunc Stans The Cerulean Suite

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