Brunette Models

BRUNETTE MODELS is a nick of Piotr Krzyzanowski, an international artist of ambient - dark - atmospheric and deep listening music. He started to release CDs in 1995.
Brunette Models
Brunette Models - Last Poem

Artist: Brunette Models
P: 2008
The musican behind Brunette Models is one Piotr Krzyzanowski of which "Last Poem" is his fifth release. It's a work of edgy atmospheric ambient with crispy elements, offering a strange combination of occasional female voices, down-tempo break beats, dreamy textures and experimental/abstract sonic outings. Despite several harmonious chords and contemplative interludes, there's a certain restless and weary feel embedded inside the ten sketchy, strongly individualized sound abstractions which makes it hard to get hold of, at least for me. The only exceptions are the eight track "This is an Empty World", an intimate, flowing soundscape that realms somewhere between Satie and Biosphere, and the sequenced passage in the second part of the ninth piece. The other pieces are formless chill-out adventures lacking direction and intimacy, they feel like a cold glacial blanket, deliberately keeping the distance.

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