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Here you find all the movies and music on DVD or Blu-Ray, that has a connection to electronic music in a certain way.
DVD / Blu-Ray
Bernd-Michael Land - Hyperreale Reflexion 4th Movement DVD

Artist: Bernd-Michael Land
P: 2020

Video DVD in 5 parts with over 90 minutes playing time.
Concert at Luminale 2020 F025 / Fabrik -Kulturwerk Frankfurt In addition, the DVD contains a generous “making of” with many interesting insights behind the scenes in the studios of both artists. You will learn details about the music, instruments, working methods, Sound design, sound and noise, as well as about computer art, the creation of virtual spaces, objects and environments, animated movements of living beings, the programs used, and much more.

22,50 EUR
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Kraftwerk - 3-D The Catalogue (English) (4 Blu Ray)

Artist: Kraftwerk
P: 2017
A few years ago, Kraftwerk started their 3-D shows, playing primarily (but not exclusively) in various museums around the world, with some of those residencies having the great fortune of seeing the band’s entire catalog (starting with “Autobahn”) being played over consecutive nights. Now comes this release, featuring those live concerts.

159,00 EUR
incl. 19% tax excl. Shipping costs
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