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Ambient World (AW)
Anthony Rother - 62 Minutes on Mars

Artist: Anthony Rother
P: 2012
AW 070
This album is a metaphor for life. The topic 'Mars' is the projection screen.
It represents a society dominated by money and materialism. The results of this we see when we look at the planet Mars of today.
The music is a journey in the orbit of this planet. One floats in the highest orbit on the brink of space and thus in the area of conflict between reality and fiction.
Here the re-release on the Ambient-World label.

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Anthony Rother - The Machine Room

Artist: Anthony Rother
P: 2011
AW 069

After an eight-year break, Anthony Rother is back with a solo album on FAX. He worked on this album for a year and the result is outstanding.
The music is based on a story of a factory worker who supervises and controls the machines in a huge steelworks.
His thoughts and dreams have been infiltrated … the machine is everywhere he goes.
Hypnotic sequencing and soundtrack-like, monumental atmospheres are part of this masterpiece.

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Atom Heart - Orange

Artist: Atom Heart
P: 1994 / 2011
AW 067
Atom Heart - Orange (monochrome stills) Recorded and released in 1994, this is certainly one of Atom Heart's classic albums.
It can clearly be located in Atom's "ambient" period, that may be seen as the transition moment right in between his club oriented works (1990-1993) and the birth of his "rather interesting" label (1994).
Without hesitation "Orange" can be classified as an "ambient" album in the most traditional sense, even though, like always, Atom had given it a slight twist, which made it simply a bit different from what was out there in 1994 (and probably therefor makes it an album that is still worth listening to nowadays).
That said, Fax Records, which released the album back in 1994, decided to release this limited edition re-issue on AW. Atom himself remastered the album just recently which makes an even better soundtrack of today.
"Orange" contains 5 tracks, all of them, except for "Rainecho", can be described as slowly moving, repetitive, abstract textures and within themselves contain different sections or "scenes". While some tracks carry either a neutral or positive feeling ("One Atomsecond") others ("Ode to BG") are rather dark, slightly hostile compositions that remain us of Atom's "industrial" period for example. "Rainecho" then, is the only rhythmical track on this album which perfectly fits within the previously described abstract worlds of "Orange" and just gives the entire album the right flow.

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Jochem Paap - Vrs-Mbnt-Pcs 9598 Part 2

Artist: Jochem Paap
P: 1999 / 2011
AW 066
The innovator, explorer and electronic alchemist, Jochem Paap aka "Speedy J" collected from 1995 to 1998 abstract ambient pieces that he did between his wellknown projects. The temper of the beatless tracks range from structured electronic to abstract soundscapes. This CD was the worldwide debut of Jochem Paap in connection to this kind of quiet electronic music and we at FAX are proud to present this sound to you. Here the second part re-released again.

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Spyra - Phonehead

Artist: Der Spyra
P: 1997/ 2009
AW 056

Starting with a sound that could be connected with melodic FAX Hard Trance of the old days, Spyra goes deeper into the fields of Ambient- Environmental music. Spyra's music is often performed with custom- built instruments such as the "Triangle Pads" and the "Elektrolyra", and consists of diverse sound sculptures ("sound-sheets").Of course, Spyra is not your typical electronic musician--he was originally a performance artist who was a part of Documenta IX (1992) with his work "Panakustikum", as well as Documenta X (1997) with his work "My Little Garden of Sounds", wherein visitors were connected to P.A.S.S. 
(Portable Ambient Sound System) to perceive the natural environment in a processed way.
Years later, Spyra continues on his successful path of timeless music.
A timeless, melodic chill-out music classic.

Here the last copy!

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Pete Namlook + Klaus Schulze - Dark Side of the Moog VIII

Artist: Pete Namlook & Klaus Schulze
P: 1999/ 2004
AW 034

Recorded Live .. for the first time Klaus and Peter joined forces to perform in front of an enthusiastic crowd on the 23.Jazz (!) Festival Hamburg. The musical variety is immense on this album. From slow and mellow to fast and haunting... always a surprise around the corner ... the best of what you expect from their eighth collaboration: Klaus Space-chords, typical 70ies sequences from his big modular system, huge atmospheres as well as Peter playing the Trautonium (Live for the first time (!)), Rhythms between Electro, Jazz and Jungle. The music on this CD is quite a trip, the frenetic applause even in the set (you can hear this ringmodulated through the EMS VCS3 of Pete Namlook).

14,90 EUR
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Pete Namlook + Klaus Schulze + Bill Laswell - Dark Side of the Moog VII

Artist: Pete Namlook, Klaus Schulze & Bill Laswell
P: 1998/ 2004
AW 032

Pushing the limits, Klaus and Peter combined 70ies Space Music with the new (old) school Electro sounds. Part III of this CD features Bill Laswell whose ethno-oriented sounds add perfectly to this space music opus.
Listening to this music is like watching a movie... just close your eyes and find out yourself... we take you with us on a journey through the universe of sounds to our musical world.

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Pete Namlook + Klaus Schulze + Bill Laswell - Dark Side of the Moog VI

Artist: Pete Namlook, Klaus Schulze & Bill Laswell
P: 1997/ 2003
AW 029

After Pete moved to his new studio the choice was easy which project would be the first to start a new era in FAX production with. Klaus Schulze was asked and didn`t hesitate to come to the small town at the Mosel river (144 KM away from Peter`s homebase Frankfurt). The recording sessions took place and the features (as well as the difficulties) of a new studio created a life on their own. What came out is a recording that shows the aspects of vintage space music combined with the innovations of today to a further creation of Electronic Fusion Music.

14,90 EUR
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Pete Namlook + Bill Laswell - Outland 2

Artist: Pete Namlook & Bill Laswell
P: 1996 / 2002
AW 025
From a voyage to Africa Bill Laswell brought with him two things: Some DATs full with material for an Ethnic oriented collaboration and - a *cold*. After a day with Bill in the studio coughing his way through the recording sessions Pete felt that he had the cold as well...a strange virus and nobody was safe from it...within days the whole FAX environment had a cold and so the whole production process was slowed down. This influenced this Electronic Sonata as there was automatically "more time" to re-listen to the elements being used and FABiA Kuhlmann had her recording debut with a nadhaswaram intro. This virus was special... in the evening you felt like Dark Ambient at 0.5 BPM and in the morning nothing could be energetic enough...a quite different and vivid music found its way to the CD. African and Indian music on and on and off...monochrome soundscapes...quite a virus...

14,90 EUR
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Pete Namlook + Klaus Schulze - Dark Side of the Moog III

Artist: Pete Namlook & Klaus Schulze
P: 1995/ 2003
AW 008

Already the third Namlook-Schulze collaboration and still different to the rest. This time a combination of alien-choires and arias, typical Schulze chords and basses, Namlook at guitar, spacey sounds and electro-minimalist beatoriented parts which all build a climax in part IV. Go on your one hour journey with Phantom Heart Brother and don't forget to... "Hör zu..."

14,90 EUR
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