Schoenwaelder, Mario

The labelmanager of Manikin and electronic musician out of the capitol of electronic music and the hometown of berlin school: Berlin
Schoenwaelder, Mario
Broekhuis, Keller + Schönwälder - Blue

Artist: Broekhuis, Keller & Schönwälder 
P: 2009    

With BLUE, BK&S dives deep into their world of sound and rhythm.
All recordings where made during several concerts in 2007 and 2008.
Each missed concert from BK&S is one missed concert to much.
Good, that their trip will be continued...

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Broekhuis, Keller + Schönwälder - Live @ Dorfkirche Repelen 2

Artist: Broekhuis, Keller & Schönwälder feat. Raughi Ebert & Thomas Kagermann
P: 2002    

This release by the well-known trio Bas Broekhuis, Detled Keller and Mario Schönwälder is a double live album, which sees the musicians play with Raughi Ebert (electric and acoustic guitar) and Thomas Kagermann (violin) during a concert on January 20th 2008 at the Dorfkirche Repelen.
The second disc comprises five tracks recorded at concerts at the same location in January 2006 and 2007, plus a recording of a rehearsal of the complete band.
This release from 2008 features 146 minutes of gripping electronic music.
Disc 1 was recorded live at Dorfkirche Repelen on January 20, 2008. Disc 2 features live and rehearsal tracks from performances at Dorfkirche Repelen in 2006 to 2007.
Joining Bas Broekhuis, Detlef Keller and Mario Schönwälder are Raughi Ebert (on guitar) and Thomas Kagermann (on violin).
This release adds lively guitar and energized violin to the percussion-enhanced pastiche of layered electronics, resulting in tuneage that is as vigorous as it is dreamy. Twinkling electronics generate a spacey foundation of undulant passages with streaming harmonics of noble character.

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Fanger + Schönwälder - Analog Overdose - The Pool Concert

Artist: Fanger & Schönwälder
P: 2016
On their DVD "Analog Overdose - The Roadmovie" was the first part of their Berlin concert on 08.08.2008 released. On this EP you can hear the second part of the concert.

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Keller + Schönwälder - More Loops

Artist: Keller & Schönwälder 
P: 1998

Absolute perfect Berlin School CD.

Here the last copy of the first factory pressed version!

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Kontroll-Raum (Broekhuis, Rothe + Schönwälder) - Check In

Artist: Broekhuis, Rothe & Schönwälder
P: 2021
Kontroll-Raum is a new project from Bas Broekhuis, Frank Rothe and Mario Schönwälder. "Check In" is a fascinating synthetic, polyrhythmic album with numerous influences from the most diverse playing styles of electronic and psychedelic music. As with many good albums, at the beginning you are irritated and unsure where it is supposed to take you. But the fascination is there immediately and you find new sounds and rhythms with every new listen. The CD was created in 2020 in times of spatial separation by intensively sending files with individual tracks and fragments to each other as well as countless video phone calls. In this way, a musical work of great density developed over several months. Open your ears and mind and let the three sound tinkerers Bas Broekhuis, Frank Rothe and Mario Schönwälder take you into their sound cosmos.
Somewhere in the middle between the music of Broekhuis, Keller & Schönwald and Filter-Coffee you could settle the sound creations of control room. The sounds are retro-electronic and slightly colder (machine) than those of UCS, but on the other hand also more rhythmic and percussive than the cosmic waves of filter coffee. Sometimes the music is reminiscent of Schulze with drums (such as a little a la "Moondawn" – you can hear e.B. "C9 05-05"), but the sounds on "Check In" work their way forward in a more modern, colourful and with their own character. With various hand percussions, Broekhuis ensures a steady, often rather thoughtful dynamic, which ensures, however, that the expansive and voluminous sound images, or the airy and playful tone-spinning, move forward movingly, swaying cautiously, more nervously tacking and sometimes even rocking subduedly. At the same time, however, the music also exudes this typically spacy-cosmic depth and tonal density, as one appreciates it on albums of the genre.

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Mario Schönwälder - The Eye Of The Chameleon

Artist: Mario Schönwälder 
P: 1989 / 2023

Originally recorded November 1988 - May 1989 at Orpheus Studio Berlin Composed, arranged and produced by Mario Schönwälder
Track 4 recorded live at the Berlin Planetary on 7th January 1989.
´The Eye Of The Chameleon´ is Mario Schönwälder´s 1st CD, released on Musique Intemporelle in 1989, re-released on Manikin Records in 1992.
In particular, the excellent title track is very typical late 1970s Schulze style. The bell-like sequences, the basses, the solos, and the overall atmosphere evidence this. It could be a track from “The Historic Edition”.

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Rainbow Serpent, Fanger + Schönwälder - Elektrik Cowboys

Artist: Rainbow Serpent, Fanger & Schönwälder
P: 2009

LTD: 500
The Ricochet Gathering Live Konzert 2007 with 3 long tracks.

Here the last copy!


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Schönwälder + Rothe - Filter-Kaffee 100

Artist: Mario Schönwälder & Rothe 
P: 2016

To close the list of sizes of filter papers from 100 to 102 Frank Rothe and Mario Schönwälder have searched in their files of older recordings and found some gems of "Berlin School" electronic for a release on this EP. All tracks composed. arranged and performed by Frank Rothe and Mario Schönwälder between 2009 and 2011, except "raindrops", which was recorded in 2014. Additional recordings on tracks 1 and 4 were made in 2015/2016 at SouthEndStudio, Berlin.

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Schönwälder + Rothe - Filter-Kaffee 106

Artist: Mario Schönwälder & Rothe 
P: 2024


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Schönwälder - Solotrip

Artist: Schönwälder 
P: 1996 / 2005    

A collection of new tracks from the late 80s and early 90s, combined with some pieces recorded this year. 'Trance-Mission-Fluid' combines some steady sequences and rhythms with a variety of motifs. Neat and tidy with good production, but rather bland. 'Journey Into Mystery' improves things though, sounding like unsequenced AirSculpture - and listen out for the bass drum! 'With Love from Us to You' was recorded in 1994 at Berlin Planetarium with fellow EMists Broekhuis & Keller. Some good moments, and I'm sure it went down well with the visuals.
Back to 1987 for 'Aus einier anderen Zeit', a floating/ freeform piece with some interesting effects and noises. The 16 minute title track explores more commercial territory, especially the second half which features an uptempo­almost ambient­beat and some excellent synth motifs.
'Thrust or Fiction' is a short but impressive atmospheric piece, while 'Sems ú kanar' contains some strong sequenced sections but does go on a bit.
'Zerstückelte Freiheit im Großformat' ends interestingly but is nothing extraordinary. And really this sums up the whole album.

Here the last copy of the Syngate Version!

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