Parkin, Nick

Nicks music career began in the early 1980's when he worked as a multi-instrumentalist  for major dance and theatre companies. Since 1995 he has released over 10 cds and has collaborated on both live improvisations and albums with many artists including Clive Bell, Pete Lockett, Z'ev, Tuu, Tom Wallace, Stillpoint, Tom Gillieron, David Stevens and Alio Die (aka Stefano Musso).
Parkin, Nick
Nick Parkin + Tom Gillieron - Red Shift

Artist: Nick Parkin & Tim Gillieron
P: 2003
Red Shift fuses blistering hypnotic break beats with dark atmospheric sound textures and derives its inspiration from the images of distant galaxies and planets captured by the Hubble Space Telescope. Imaginings of distant space are counterbalanced by the gritty reality of living and creating in the dense urban environment of London and the impact this has on everyday aural experiences. Beats and breaks are constructed individually and meticulously in the break beat science style and merged with sampled and synthesised sound to create a compelling sonic experience. He brings his long term experience of using elements of drum and bass within his commissioned music for dance and theatre companies to startling effect in Red Shift and has teamed up with Tom Gillieron, a DJ, House and Drum and Bass artist and producer. Tom has released a number of 12" singles on the Dutch Drum and Bass scene and remixed for people as diverse as BT in the USA and MJ Cole in the UK garage scene. Red Shift Nick Parkin: Synthesisers, samples, gongs, percussion, shakuhachi, drum programming. Tom Gillieron: Drums, percussion, samples, synths and drum programming.

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Nick Parkin - Descent

Artist: Nick Parkin
P: 1997
A meditative obscure travel with acoustic and electronic treated sounds. First solo album from a member of  Tuu and Stillpoint project. 
Nick Parkin : Bowed and Plucked Strings, Keyboards, Electronics, Flutes, Gongs, Percussions, and Manipulated Stones.
All compositions, Treatments, Production, Recording and Mixing ,Nick Parkin London 1996

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TUU + Nick Parkin - Terma

Artist: TUU + Nick Parkin
P: 1998
Tuu, composer Martin Franklin, put Tibetan singing bowls over electronic beats years ago. Thus, Franklin is one of the forerunners of international electronica. On Terma, Tuu teams up with similarly minded Nick Parkin, another ambient/innerspace composer (mostly for synthesizer). Frame drums, water drums, and gongs keep a fluid, reverberating, sonorous bottom to the compositions that feature various flutes and droning synthesizers. The effect is ethereal and atmospheric. Languid, exotic melodies wash over the listener, evoking images of candle-lit mountain shrine interiors and crepuscular spirit summoning rituals on the wooded plain.

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