Temple Music

TEMPLE MUSIC are  Alan Trench and Stephen Robinson
Temple Music
Temple Music - Incompleteness

Artist: Temple Music
P: 2008
LTD 500

"INCOMPLETENESS" is the all new album from the visionary duo of TEMPLE MUSIC, beautifully presented in typical Faria fashion with 4 full colour inserts in an immaculate art housing...This is joint release between Shining Day and Faria Records.
In 1931, the Czech-born mathematician Kurt Gödel demonstrated that within any given branch of mathematics, there would always be some propositions that couldn't be proven either true or false using the rules and axioms of that mathematical branch itself... the implication is that all logical system of any complexity are, by definition, incomplete; each of them contains, at any given time, more true statements than it can possibly prove according to its own defining set of rules. This implies that you'll never entirely understand yourself, since your mind, like any other closed system, can only be sure of what it knows about itself by relying on what it knows about itself.
TEMPLE MUSIC's Alan Trench and Stephen Robinson have used both the implications of Gödel's theorem and the doctrine of anamorphosis to compose and fashion an album of 4 interconnected and complementary tracks that somehow look both forward and back; that juxtapose the old and the new into an organic whole of both sacred and temporal instruments - Indian harmonium and shruti box, plucked and hammered dulcimers, bodhrans, mosenos, various flageolets, synthesisers and keyboards, guitars, bass, Tibetan bells and singing bowls -  4 drifting shards of ethereal and sometimes frightening beauty, rose petals on the snow that are finally revealed to be tiny, perfect drops of crystalline blood.

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