The german / danish project of Tony Andersen - Keyboards and sequencing, Kent Eskildsen - Keyboards, piano and guitars (both also known as Timescape) and Jens Peschke - Keyboards and sequencers.
Nattefrost - Skaldic Themes

Artist: Nattefrost
P: 2017
The new Nattefrost album includes 5 tracks in the same vein as the "Homeland" album.
Guesting on the album are Sarah Elgeti and the Danish / German band Navigator.

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Navigator - Airwaves

Artist: Navigator
P: 2003
This CD from 2003 offers 73 minutes of sequencer-driven electronic music of the highest order.
Navigator is: Kent Eskildsen, Tony Anderson, and Jens Peschke. The German band Ramp contribute an ambient intro to one track.
Besides a bevy of enticing sequencers, expect hordes of dynamic keyboards and ethereal synthesizers, along with energized E-perc and space guitar. Atmospheric textures become crowded with gregarious keyboards establishing uplifting chords and sweeping sonic panoramas. Electronic effects abound, oozing through the mix like glistening audible honey.
At times, languid atmospherics fill the airwaves, gradually swelling with more demonstrable elements until the sky is brimming with hyperactive liveliness. Tasty sequencers twist sounds into unconventional-but-glorious sonic miracles, which often function as non-impact rhythms, coaxing the melodies to even greater velocity. A chugging dedication overwhelms this music, urging everything forward with significant purpose toward a shimmering horizon of bliss.
The guitar is superb, crisp and astral with its impassioned outcries. The riffs scrape the ceiling of heaven, raining sparkling rapture on the eager audience. These outbursts of stellar brilliance leave no cellular molecule untouched, vibrating fluids and bones alike with their assertive magnificance.
"Blizz", an 18 minute epic, embodies every one of these spectacular aspects, delivering a blazing euphony that will delight even the most jaded audiophile.


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Navigator - Northern Consequence

Artist: Navigator
P: 2000
Navigator are Tony Anderson, Kent Eskildsen and Jens Peschke from Kubusschnitt. So what we get here is certainly born from retro influences but with a decent dollop of their own inventiveness at the same time. Also involved as guests are two more of the Kubusschnitt boys, Ruud Heij who appears on almost half of the album plus Tom Coppens on the fifteen minute 'Leaves on the Line'. Indeed on this track you get effectively three quarters of Kubusschnitt.
The first track 'Northern Consequence (Arrival)' has it all, a fantastic melody which sticks in the mind for ages, and sequences that come out of the top drawer. For the first six minutes we are pleasantly taken on our way on the back of the sequence but from then on things really crank up with the guitar providing a great driving lead line, you could even say soaring at times.
'Mellotrain' has the most beautiful start making use of the sounds from the instrument hinted at in the title. Melodically the guitar again plays an important role though this time it is very laid back which is more than can be said for the sequence- scintillating stuff! The Mellotron sounds on this track really are gorgeous as are the melodies. In the lead line department Navigator have really got it cracked which is rare in sequencer driven bands. 'Off The Rails' begins quite restrained but it isn't long before things become rather manic both in the sequencing and lead departments. Yet at the same time as being off the rails the track is still under control, quite incredible for such a powerful number. The guitar playing is particularly impressive but not for the New Age fans amongst us. I really can't stress how powerful this track is, the sequencing is ultra heavy as are the drums and melodies. It is like a cross between retro and heavy metal! Amazing!
Just when you think things are calming down at the twelve minute mark a new drum pattern forms and we are back into hyperdrive again. 'Leaves on the Line' (OK, who came up with these titles?) starts with the sound of the wind, all very relaxing but then, guess what? Yes, the sequence emerges, but this one is relatively slow and melodic. Things then become rather atmospheric before another sequence comes in and combined with the melodic motif it reminded me a little of Peter Baumann's 'Romance 76' or even Redshift. 'The Wrong Type of Snow' is a pleasant ever changing number as we travel from one sequence to the next over melodic pads. The album is rounded off with 'Northern Consequences (Departure)' which is effectively a reprise of the first track. This is a great album - highly recommended.

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Navigator - Oceanic Empire

Artist: Navigator
P: 2002 / 2010
Tony Anderson, Kent Eskildsen and Jens Peschke show a superb album. A window of a cosmos full of synths and sequencers to develop a music rich of those memories lost in the time, a Berlin School that touches highest levels of the emotions and vibrations. Each track is a trip toward a sea of fabulous sequences, races of sounds and effects that bring the mind and take far, showing a very great talent and passion for electronic music. Some moments of ambient fly into the universe of the rhythms of synths, while an electric guitar, sometimes, appears… and the electronic dream continues…

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