Heju is the electronic project of the hungarian musician Tibor Hell.
Heju - Lost Wayes

Artist: Heju
P: 2010   
The music on this album was originally made for a one time performance in April 1999, and later "that pure electronic music was treated by using symphonic elements to suit the modern trend."
The electronic material on this album is pretty reminiscent of the kind of stuff Tangerine Dream made in the mid eighties, Underwater Sunlight era. Sequencer supported by highly melodic and accessible keyboarding, with ever so slight spacy influences at times. At the one moment without any direct rhythms, at others with programmed rhythms that don't really inspire. Some nice melodies, some less interesting.
Any couple of tracks on Elvesztett Utak are a pretty okay listen, for those inclined to the electronic, but by no means innovative. However, listening through the full album is something of a feat. At the end of the day I found it to be just a bit too much of the same, aside from the fact that this stuff is really too derivative to stand out on its own.

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