Logic System

In 1981, Matsutake formed "Logic System" with Makoto Irie, with whom he toured to perform in other Asian countries several times. It was in 1970 when Hideki Matsutake was grabbed by the playback of Walter Carlos's Switched-On Bach using a synthesizer and a computer at the American Pavilion of Expo '70 in Osaka. In June the following year at his age of 19, he makes his first step into professional music as an apprentice to Isao Tomita, providing him the chance of operating one of the few Moog III-P sythesizer units existing in Japan.
Logic System
Logic System - Logic

Artist: Logic System
P: 1981/ 2008
The Debut CD of the YMO programmer with his own band. Played with the top of the line analogue synthesizerequippment of that time.: Moog IIIc and VCS 3, and Arp Odyssey.
Recorded at Sound City Studio, Tokyo, Japan
Arranged, producer, written (lyrics) and engineered by Hideki Matsutake

Hideki Matsutake - Micro Computor MC-8 (Processer 8080) TR-808
Kenji Omura - Guitar
Hiroki Tamaki - Violin (Electric)

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Logic System - Orient Express

Artist: Logic System
P: 1982/ 2008
Logic System is a musical project of Hideki Matsutake. Hideki was an assistant for Isao Tomita and a well-known sequencer programmer and modular synthesizer operator for Yellow Magic Orchestra (YMO).
Hideki Matsutake, the brain behind Logic System is well known to most Yellow Magic Orchestra fans - some call him even the inofficial band member #4 responsible for effects and electronics. For me a good reason to buy the records Logic, Venus, and Orient Express on vinyl in the 80's. 20 years later I remembered this three little gems (I know, there are later Logic System albums but I only have 1991's To Gen Kyo of these). Sure I needed to hunt them...
On Orient Express I especially like track #3 Simoon. This is a cover of the Yellow Magic Orchestra classic found on 1978 debut album Yellow Magic Orchestra. I prefer the female voice singing over the vocoder of the original. The other tracks on the CD are no covers of YMO. They are written in the mood of some travel with the famous train of the same name. So if you like YMO, then chances are good that you will also fall in love with Logic System.
Equipments for recording:

* MC-4 (Logic Special)
* MC-8
* LMD-649
* Moog IIIc
* Sequential Circuits Model-1000
* Oberheim 8 Voices

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Logic System - Tansu Matrix

Artist: Logic System
P: 2008
First new album for three years (since Everything is in the Nature) by the YMO programmer and his band. Nice Synthesizertunes with the typical YMO style, which sometimes sound like Kraftwerk.

A.Muto - lyrics track 2 and 10
N.Oikawa - lyrics track 5
T. Matsumoto - lyrics track 7
Belolo Henri - lyrics track 11
KENNER CHRIS - lyrics track 14
Hammerstein Oscar II - lyrics track 15


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Logic System - Venus

Artist: Logic System
P: 1993

There's some overlap between this release and some Yellow Magic Orchestra material; no wonder since Logic System has worked as an engineer with YMO. Cool 80s Japanese synthpop, personally prefer this over YMO. Also the sytle reminds of Tomitas work around the 80s.

Here the last copy!

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Schwingungen Radio auf CD - Edition Nr.270 11/17
Schwingungen - Radio auf CD
Edition Nr.: 270
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Various Artists - Music for the 3rd Millennium Vol.2

Artist: Bernard Xolotl, Michael Stearns, Nick Rhodes,...
P: 2001
LTD 1000
Unreleased Tracks celebrating the masters of electronic, ambient and progressive music.

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