Solar Moon System

The band from cologne, that released their first CD at the label of Klaus Schulze. The mebers had been: Georg Boskamp, Olli Finken, Tom Dams, Uwe Lehr
Solar Moon System
Klaus Schulze (Wahnfried) - Trance 4 Motion

Artist: Klaus Schulze & Wahnfried
P: 2000 / 2018

Re-Issue of the Klaus Schulze album „Trance 4 Motion“, originally released 2000 as part of limited and long exhausted (wooden) boxset „Contemporary Works“.
It has been two decades ago that Klaus Schulze invented his alter ego Richard Wahnfried but there are no signs of fatigue to witness yet. Rhythmical tensions of the vibrating track “Local Scanning” are only one example of the ongoing fascination that this side project has to offer. The early approach was characterized by electric guitars and vocals but the final version distinguishes itself by bright-eyed and bushy-tailed minimal sequences, razor-sharp percussions and filter modulations only moog wizard Wahnfried is able to create. Based on reduction, “Aphrodesire” takes the same line as the previous track and exites with a hypnotical effect.
Finally, the Cologne-based “Solar Moon” with engineer Tom Dams is featured on the third track “Global Midication”.

16,90 EUR
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Klaus Schulze + Solar Moon System - Ultimate Docking (2CD)
Artist: Solar Moon System
2000 / 2017
Release date 30.06.2017

CD 1 was already realeased in 2000 in the Contemporary Works box. CD 2 is new unreleased material from that time period.
19,90 EUR
incl. 19% tax excl. Shipping costs
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