Spiral Realms

SPIRAL REALMS was a project created in 1993 by keyboardist/violinist Simon House, who is famous for his work with the mid-70's HAWKWIND lineup. House was known for his work with HIGH TIDE and THIRD EAR BAND and is highly revered as an accomplished violinist in the space rock genre. In 1978 he departed from HAWKWIND, then collaborated with a diverse variety of legendary artists such as MIKE OLDFIELD, DAVID BOWIE, and MICHAEL MOORCOCK. During the 80's and 90's he joined forces again with HAWKWIND and HIGH TIDE appearing on some of their albums. In 1993, he worked with NIK TURNER on the "Prophets of Time" album. It is here where he met keyboardist Len Del Rio and together they formed SPIRAL REALMS.
Spiral Realms
Spiral Realms - Trip to G9

Artist: Spiral Realms
P: 1995
They recorded their debut ''Trip to G9'' in London between March and July 94' and the album was released the next year on Cleopatra's sublabel Hypnotic. The self-titled track and the following short ''Elements II'' shows the love of House for Electro-Ambient textures, quite close to TANGERINE DREAM's ethereal music parts, with long spacey synths and modern Electronics, being both typical products of their time.Things become extremely interesting with the long ''Red giant'', a mix of impressive Electronic Music with somewhat Neo Prog-ish melodic guitar lines, pounding drum programming and a cosmic atmosphere at the end of a pretty atmospheric track.''Tritium'' is another good composition, performed in the vein of SHAMALL's albums, blending Electronic and New Wave with bombastic guitar and violin breaks and offering rich and furious synth-led grooves.''1000 years under solar sails'' shows a return to the opening forms of the work, a long pure Electronic track with lots of sound effects, cosmic synthesizers and a very spacey mood with soaring keyboards, creating imaginative soundscapes.''Solar flares'' is a another beautiful trip into the world of TANGERINE DREAM alikes.Hypnotic electronic loops with melodic and dreamy synth lines and distorted vocals offer relaxed still very deep synth-based music, that would perfectly work as a Science-Fiction soundtrack. An ethereal and deeply atmospheric work, characterizing Simon House's talent.Armoured basically with various keyboards and a talented collaborator, the ex-Hawkwind mastermind managed to produce well-arranged and cosmic soundscapes, that still retain an inner power.Recommended.

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