Syn this is the synthesist David T. Dewdney from Scotland / UK. In 2002, he had impressed with the publication of his first opus Soundwave Traveller, classified 5th best EM title of the year.
Syn - 61 Cygnus-Alpha

Artist: Syn
P: 2007
Some lovely deep analogue cosmic twitters reverberate and then echo into the distance as the fantastically spaced out 'Cygnus-Alpha' gets underway. Close your eyes and let your mind take you to the depths of uncharted space. There is a warmth to it all though, a sort of comforting environment enveloping and protecting us on our journey. From the eighth minute a lovely retro organ sound comes in giving things a rather 'Zeit' feel but this is more the backdrop than the main thrust, as a sort of slow moody guitar lead line takes the main focus. This is the only track on the album not to use sequences and the same laidback feel initially continues through 'Sea of Orion'. A suitably watery scene is set as waves break on the shore. Sonic shimmers add to the peaceful setting and seabirds fly overhead. Wonderful lush analogue drones rise through the mix. A slow relaxed rhythmic loop appears in the sixth minute driving things forward. A lovely ethereal melody dreamily plays over the top. It really come to life however when the sequence makes an entrance. An aggressive lead line completes a compelling oomph laden picture. 'Crystal Dreaming' has a very effective organ lead that is played in quite an aggressive percussive way, repeating a rather staccato melody. This forms the backbone for the entire track. A delicate ticking rhythm falls into formation accompanied by some excellent high register splashes then angelic mellotron choir. The wonderful mesmerizing brew seems to become more intense by the moment. Things get even more powerful and awe inspiring as yet another excellent sequence is launched into this fantastic bubbling cauldron of sound. A new lead line meanders over the top. What a superb track! The first three mammoth pieces on this album totalled over sixty seven minutes of music and many would have been happy to leave it there but not so on this CD as we have two extra shorter tracks as well. The first 'Silbury Hill' explodes into life on the back of a hundred mile an hour sequence, a lead line sort of skipping over the pulsations. A slow snare is added enhancing the depth of frequencies deployed. A burst of tron introduces 'Northwind' and a really nice sequence starts in its wake. A slow moody lead contrasts the energy oozing from the rest of the track. We finish as we started with a burst of mellotron. There is an honesty to this album. He does have a natural feel for 70s based sequencer music.

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