Terra Ambient

Pittsburgh based artist Jeff Kowal launched into the musical arena in 2002 with his well received debut "The Darker Space". His sophomore release, "The Gate", broke the top 100 of 2004 on the New Age Reporter's playlist. A trained visual artist and graphic designer, Kowal's musical approach has a visceral, painterly quality to it. Using a hybrid of electronic and ethno-acoustic instrumentation, Kowal builds deep, ethereal sound worlds reminiscent of ancient civilizations and sacred places yet discovered.
Terra Ambient
Terra Ambient - The Gate

Artist: Terra Ambient
P: 2004
The second album from Terra Ambient, The Gate indicates a maturing of Jeff Kowal's artistic talents and an exploration of new sonic palettes. It is an exploration in deep, rhythmic drones, with harmonic overtone singing, bansuri melodies and thick guitar textures. "The Gate" was produced devoid of synthesizers or drum machines. All instruments and instrument samples were recorded live and deconstructed with processing.

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Terra Ambient - Wanderlust

Artist: Terra Ambient
P: 2009
Following his widely acclaimed 2004 release, The Gate, Jeff Kowal (aka Terra Ambient) now delves deeply into his most personal space, sculpting a sonic cathartic experience for all to hear.
"It’s a journal," says Kowal. "What started out as an expected sequel to my previous release, turned into an emotional sketchbook of some major changes in my life, including a move to the American Southwest."
Previously on "The Gate", Kowal used strictly acoustic and live recordings to express himself, but this time he turns to the use of electronics and synthesizers to find a deeper voice in Wanderlust. Kowal explains, "Re-integrating digital and electronic sound sources helped me to capture some of the gritty, subtle and grandiose sounds that this music needed."
Wanderlust does in fact range from the subtle to the grandiose: epic, sweeping and luscious, Wanderlust plays more like a movie soundtrack than an ambient CD. Delicately balanced between tribal, ethno-acoustic earthiness and searing electronic pads and leads, Wanderlust takes the listener on a journey.
"Sometimes the music is expansive, sometimes it’s quiet and myopic," says Kowal. "Once the project started to gel, it really became something to dive into and get lost with."
Aside from synthesizers, Kowal brings many other acoustic and electric instruments into the mix, including frame drums and percussion, didgeridoo, electric guitars, bass, bansuri and PVC flutes, and a modular analog system.

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