Terminus Void

Terminus Void is the electronic ambient music project of Seattle area based synthesist, composer, & recording artist J. Ronald Smith and has been featured on the the nationally syndicated radio program Hearts of Space with Stephen Hill.
Terminus Void
Terminus Void – Apeiron
Artist: Terminus Void
P: 2023
“Apeiron” is the first real label release introducing Terminus Void’s full dynamic voice, including ambient, Berlin School, downtempo and the classic Terminus Void emotional sound world. It contemplates the abstract concept of the infinite and boundlessness of everything; from the laws of physics to consensus itself and asked the philosophical question of how we fit within its construct. There’s even a mysterious angle to it all, as the composer added various auditory symbology throughout the album which reinforces a broader concept. To decipher these, one must listen to the album as a progression and dig deeper into the meaning of each track. Although the musician isn’t eager to give away his interpretation or detail the storyline of the music, he reveals many of these symbols represent many things on multiple levels.
The music -including the introduction of the Waldorf Quantium synthesizer- was produced from a combination of three additional projects that are in various stages of completion. Composer J. Ronald Smith e.g. built custom 8th note ping-pong delays and multi tracked many of the sequences to add spatial depth. He furthered this with long synth fades tied to note-triggered pans. Creating balance was one of the major challenges found on this concept project, the strategy was to balance the sequences and use what is referred to as “transitional tracks” to keep the flow of the vibe from not becoming overbearing and tiring to the listener. Moulding and shaping “Apeiron´s” full outcome, which features various subtle Blade Runner influences sprinkled in good taste, proved both daring and intense for Mr Smith, turning out into a rollercoaster of events in the last stage as many adjustments, polishing and subtle transformations were implemented, all rounded out with some stunning 24/48kHz mastering. Compared to Terminus Void’s first two albums “Interstellar” and “Origins Unknown”, the music of “Apeiron” is a different breed, sounding straightforward: it’s an intruiging and well-done transition to a more dynamic-progressive sound which sets it apart from the majority of typical European melodic synth releases. UK-musician Pat Keista joins forces with Terminus Void on the exciting 9th track “Transmission II”. Pat recalls: “John approached me initially for supplementary work on drums, but our affinity grew into a piece in which I also contributed electric guitars. It was a wonderful experience”. And then there the final track “Beyond Apeiron” which was originally meant a collaborative track with another musician but it fell through in the end. Mr Smith decided to partly rearrange it, adding a lovely piano part and even managed to tame some of the more strident high frequencies in there. In total, the 65-minute “Apeiron” is a deep listening, multi-level concept project featuring many auditory themes and musical expression styles unfolding throughout the full-length journey. Highly recommended!

Bert Strolenberg

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