Jobson, Eddie

His real name is: Edwin Jobson. Born 1955 Billingham, Cleveland, United Kingdom.
Keyboard player for a number of UK progressive rock outfits. Probably his most 'famous' musical moment was replacing Brian Eno in Roxy Music.
Jobson, Eddie
Eddie Jobson - Theme of Secrets

Artist: Eddie Jobson
P: 1985

This album and CD were releaded at the dawn of digital recording. It was on the now defunct Private Music label which saught to combine forward looking technical music with the VERY best recording technology. Theme of Secrets became one of the VERY first DDD (digital recording, master, and transfer) CDs.
It has fantastic textrues created by the now arcane synclavier. This state of the art keyboard/computer, with add on modules for guitar and other instruments. Eddie and Frank Zappa were true pioneers of this machine. Sadly, the company that made them went bust.

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V/A - Best of New Age (Private Music)

Artist: O'Hearn TD, Yanni, Ciani, Jobson u.a.
P: 1994
This is a compilation of the bes track from the artist of the Private Music Label.

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V/A - The Best of the 01/W
Artist: Edgar Froese, Eddie Jobson, Rick Wakeman u.a.
P: 1992
A collection of Songs sequenced exclusively on the Korg 01/W Synthesizer. Every musician arranged a new track for this CD.

Here the last copy!
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Various Artists - The World of Private Music

Artist: O'Hearn, Pnder, Yanni, Jobson, Hwong
Goodman, Leo Kottke

P: 1986
Private Music was one of the earliest "New Age" labels (coming after Windham Hill and Narada), and of course Yanni was their "star" (he is represented on this album by two tracks: "Santorini," and "Nostalgia"), but they released a lot of other worthwhile music, and this early (1985-1986) album is a good selection.
Patrick O'Hearn also has two fine tracks: "Unusual Climate," and "Ancient Dreams." Other artists included are Lucia Hwong, Sanford Ponder, Leo Kottke, Eddie Jobson, and Jerry Goodman.
The album still makes for good listening, along with all of Private Music's other "Sampler" albums.

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