Ward, Paul

Originally one half of the 80's synth duo Quiet Point he went on to record music under his own name and work closely with artists such as Wavestar, John Dyson, Kik and John Parr in the UK to name but a few.

Ward, Paul
E3 (Stephan Whitlan + Paul Ward) - Once

Artist: Stephan Whitlan & Paul Ward
P: 2019
This is the other side of the two musicians, which show their more ambient experimentel style. But still pure electronicmusic with a dark soundtrack style character.

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Paul Ward - For A Knave

Artist: Paul Ward
P: 1991

Paul Ward's name is familiar to many people for many reasons. Originally one half of the 80's Newage synth duo Quiet Point he went on to record music under his own name and work closely with artists such as Wavestar, John Dyson, Kik and John Parr to name but a few. So no wonder, that this CD sounds like John Dyson.

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Paul Ward - The Fear of make believe

Artist: Paul Ward
P: 1994

Paul's follow up to the hugely successful 'For a Knave' CD is certainly packaged very individually, with the opening lines of a curiously clever children's fantasy (which Paul wrote himself) dominating the cover. I think it works extremely well, indeed the cover and CD look refreshingly professional. Now for the music.'Waiting for a Miracle' is a superbly measured track. A magnificent opening melody gives way to an uptempo section punctuated with, what sounds like, heavily treated speech - although I believe it's nothing of the sort!. Enter searing MiniMoog and, yet again, some brilliant Sean Michael D'Lear guitar, and... well I could listen to this track all day. However, there are nine other tracks to sample. It will come as no surprise to those of you who have read my review of the 'Beyond the Quiet Point' cassette that I like 'Taken to a Place'. In fact I like it a lot. Wisely, Paul doesn't change a winning formula too much, simply redefining a track of classic beauty. 'Bloody Dangerous' features expertly positioned samples and a lead synth voice so raw that it sounds like it's just had is arse wiped before being served up on a plate. Perhaps at times the track harks back a little too much to 'For a Knave'. However, this may be intentional, for the rest of the track is so different that it showcases perfectly some very diverse talents.
'Time, the Magician' is another bright, uptempo outing which keeps the album in a holding pattern rather than really letting it loose. Enjoyable all the same with MiniMoog a-plenty and the radio broadcast ending, which segues into 'Death by Wireless', is pure brilliance.
'DBW' has already been showcased live, along with track 1, at the EMMA#1 festival and with its catchy melody and poised middle 8 it is sure to become a favourite.
As soon as the opening of '64K World' hits home you know this is going to be something special. Superb melody, strong rhythm, and some mind blowing noises combine to produce EM straight from the top drawer. 'Iceman' is a superbly constructed diversion to the album, the lack of drums emphasising an arpeggiating sequence contrasted with sweeping synth.
An extended opening riff introduces 'Overnight Snow' creating, I'm sure, very deliberate anticipation which is rewarded in the shape of a truly majestic track which again features some wonderful synth soloing. 'Closer Than You Think' has been brushed down, tweaked in one or two places, given a very different D'Lear guitar solo, and presented here sounding as fresh as ever. It's a thrilling track featuring some brilliant sequencer work.
'Silly Kind of Secret' ends the album perfectly, a very appealing and meticulously performed piece of quality EM to which Paul, very understandably, couldn't resist adding a few closing vocals. This album very much carries on where '...Knave' left off, showing an increasing maturity and mastery of the art of producing Electronic Music. Helped in no small part by superb sound quality, Paul has produced another truly dynamic album which simply demands to be listened to. Miss this one at your peril.

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Paul Ward, John Dyson + Antony Thrasher - 3 for Breda

Artist: Paul Ward, John Dyson & Antony Thrasher
P: 2009
All tracks recorded August '92 for Klemdag '92.
Guitar on 3 by Shaun Michael D'Lear.
3 musicians play 3 new tracks for their concert back in 1992 in Breda / NL.
Melodic in the usual Dyson /Ward style.

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V/A - E-Scape 2015

Artist: V/A
P: 2015
'E-Scape 2015′ is a collection of exclusive tracks from artists who will be appearing at the 2015 UK E-Scape Festival on 30th May. Despite the varied line up and styles on offer, this CD hangs together very well and is a very emotive album. From the classic opening UK synth sound of John Dyson and Michael Shipway’s ‘Ride the Beach’, through the romanticism of Dreamerproject’s ‘Hymne’, and the Berlin school adventures of Ron Boots’s ‘Berlin Thunder’, the album never dips below ‘excellent’ and there are no throwaway tracks here. Eric van der Heijden’s ‘Strange Escapism’ is a surreal sound voyage, FD Project’s ‘Beautiful Day’ is a full on, guitar driven live recording. David Wright’s ‘Walking With Ghosts’ Ambient Remix by DJMass is an interesting take on an old favourite and ‘Song for a Friend’ is a delicate rhythmic, ballad dedicated to the late Steve Roberts. Glenn Main’s beautiful ‘Escape the TNBC’ also has a strong personal overtone. Nice to hear music from Paul Ward again too, the interesting and playful ‘The Last Toy Emily Broke’ while Ron Boots concludes the album with the drifting and spaced out ‘Slow Flow’.

The album is dedicated to the memory of Edgar Froese and Steve Roberts.

This 2015 release features 77 minutes of dreamy electronic music.

This release offers previously unreleased tracks by musicians participating in AD Music’s E-Scape Electronic Music Festival in 2015. The contributions include:

John Dyson & Michael Shipway. Twinkling tones conspire with cerebral chords to produce an elegant tune laced with rhythms.

David Wright. Solemn beats and melancholy keyboards craft a stately piece dedicated to lost friends.

Eric van der Heijden. Reedy keys combine with breathy flutes and gentle percussives to generate a moody track in search of a way out.

Dreamerproject. Delicate harpsichord, rhythms and orchestral strings create a reverent song of tender sentiments.

Ron Boots. Majestic-but-understated electronics generate a mood of anticipation with cyclic chords seasoned by synthetic strings. The music gradually swells in muster, featuring a blooping undercurrent as the song’s puissance mounts to a loving crescendo.

Paul Ward. Strong rhythms support slippery keys that describe an edgy tune.

FD Project. Vibrant electric guitar is the key instrument here, accompanied by percussion and a ringing presence of pulsating tonalities to establish an ecstatic live piece.

David Wright. Regal tones delineate a pleasant tune laced with choral hints and whispery keys lurking beneath the more strident keyboard lead-riff.

Glenn Main. Piano joins electronic keys in a pastiche of fragile beauty that uplifts as it mesmerizes. The introduction of searing guitar midway elevates the piece’s inherent passion.

Ron Boots. Here, we have an epic (and winning) contribution-at 21 minutes in length. Rattly percussives tease vaporous electronics to coalesce into a soothing ambience that mounts some stately oomph with piano and additional keys, transforming the song into a lavishly emotional composition.

A worthwhile selection of international musicians, all displaying their skills at producing delicate electronic tuneage.

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V/A - Surreality

Artist: Ian Boddy, Shipway, John Dyson,
Mark Shreeve, Ward u.a.

P: 1991
Nice collection with new and already released tracks from the Surreal to Real label around 1990.
Track 10 recorded live at UK Electronica festival in 1990.
Track 12 recorded live during rehersals for the 1991 Klemdag festival, Netherlands.

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Various Artists - The Seed

Artists: Various Artists
P: 1992
LTD 1200

Variations on a theme by John Kerr:
John Kerr composed the original theme 'The Seed'.
This theme with a floppy-disc was sent to the artists on this release, they had to use the theme at least once in their contribution.
Hand numbered copies.

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