Vitaly [Vit-ta-lee] Zolotarev is a composer/producer of experimental electronic music residing in Auckland, New Zealand. He has been using Steinberg Cubase SX since 2002. After high school Vitaly studied at Tomsk University of Automated Control Systems and Radio Electronics (Russia). There he started discovering the mysteries of audio production through establishing a small studio and recording his friends.In 2002, Vitaly emigrated to New Zealand. Eclectic by nature, he has never restricted himself by listening one music style being interested in everything from classical to hard rock. Consequently fate was to provide a big surprise, again! This time the genre was hip-hop. Collaboration with one of New Zealand's finest DJs (DJ CXL) has led to the birth of a new direction in electronic instrumental genre.As in-house engineer at Auckland's prolific Dawn Raid Entertainment Studios, Vitaly has used Cubase SX3 on projects for many artists & projects.
In February 2006 also saw the release of Vitaly's solo album "Looking at the Stars"
Vitaly - Looking for the Stars

Artist: Vitaly
P: 200

'Looking at the Stars' is an album with many surprises and unique transitions. It is very melodic electronic music that awakens your imagination and interest in the unknown.
This is a CD with a difference. Listening to it is like watching a great movie, in which scenes are constantly changing from serene to dynamic and back again.
Sounds that make you dream
Looking at the Stars will help you to relax and feel comfortable after a hard and busy day. Use it for rest and meditation. Close your eyes, free your mind and let the music take you on a journey—a journey to a mysterious new world.
This is a CD of beautiful electronic instrumentals with constantly changing moods. Listening to it is like reading an exciting book. Does it have the happy ending after all? You will find out.
Any Vangelis or Jean Michel Jarre fan should check this out.

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