The Nonexistent

The Nonexistent are Chris Gill (Band Of Rain, Mooch), Andy Hole (Band Of Rain) 
and Stephen Palmer (Mooch). Chris plays guitar and synth, Andy plays drums, 
and Steve plays bass and synth.
The band play improvised space rock, and began after Chris and Steve discussed 
the possibility of playing in a jam band. After a promising first session, a number of 
tracks were recorded for the debut release Space Roc. This album has a rock side 
(Roc) and a spacey side (Space) illustrating the two aspects of the group.

The Nonexistent
The Nonexistent - Space Roc

Artist: The Nonexistent
P: 2010
The Nonexistent is 3 musicians...drums, bass and guitar with a splash of keys. They all play in different bands...but when the stars are in the right ascension they get together as THE NONEXISTENT. STEVE PALMER (bass/keyboards/production) better known as the guy behind all the MOOCH recordings CHRIS GILL (guitars and keyboards) is the founder member and guitarist with BAND OF RAIN...a band better known for proggy gothy stuff. But Chris has also done a lot of the vocals on the Mooch 1960's series of albums as well as Dr Silbury's Liquid Brainstem Band. ANDY "BONHAM" HOLE (drums) was the drummer with BAND OF RAIN and is now busy playing in loads of different bands around the country. Between the 3 band members there is a great deal of musical and live experience. The band are currently based in Wales and England. 

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