Scala, Stefano

An Italian musical researcher, musician, composer and music therapist, he has always been interested in ethnic music and ethnomusical research. His work often deals with the notion of travel and knowledge. After having worked with symphonic orchestras, he began researching the more recordite roots of music. He has played in unusual places, nurseries, grottos, mountain refuges ñ as well as more tradizional theatres and churches. He has studied Paleography and Musical Philology, and has undertakenresearch into singing, especially Greek orthodox, Tibetan and Siberian Shaman singing, as well as Gregorian chant. He has studied non European music for years, and has worked with a variety of musicians from all continents.
Scala, Stefano
Stefano Scala - Impermanence

Artist: Stefano Scala
P: 2008

The new cd by Stefano Scala , 'IMPERMANENCE' have is focus on Tibet, where Stefano Scala went for musical researches and recordings some years ago. The magic of the cult and traditions of the country with high test peaks in the world accompany us in this journey, on a mountain pass, walking along the pathways of the rarefied Himalayan atmosphere, escorted by a convoy of mules or yaks. Sounds can be heard of the wind and rain, voices, songs and steps of nomads of Impermanence. An album that displays different acoustic instruments, armonic chant, percussions, flutes, rattles and bells, and field recordings…..

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