Rogier is Rogier Van Gaal and her produces electronic music in his enchanted sky studio.
Rogier - From the shadow to the sun

Artist: Rogier
P: 2004

After 5 wonderfull years of hard work, finally, the release of his first official album "From the shadow to the sun" by Quantum Records.
The music is uplifting and melodic and sonds most of the times like Vangelis.
He is using the same sounds, rhythms and structures, so it is no wonder, that this melodic tunes remind the listener to Vangelis and a little bit Cusco, Guido Negraszus a.s.o.


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Rogier - Spiritual Diversity

Artist: Rogier
P: 2006
His compositions are particularly reminiscent of Vangelis due to the big synth symphonic style to be found on many tracks. They're the sort of pieces that you can easily imagine being used in the soundtrack to an uplifting film. It is always pleasing to make new discoveries and if you are into beautiful melodies placed in an easy to get on with setting, often accompanied by relaxed rhythms, then this is for you. Amongst his influences are Vangelis, Kitaro, Gandalf and Yanni and it shows. If you are into these artists, or even Jonn Serrie and Terry Oldfield then I would strongly recommend you try this guy out. A violin gets 'A New World' underway backed by the faint sound of the wind. Later on synth pads swell and little cosmic touches are added. It then gets quite symphonic with massed strings.

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