"Astromill is the electro sci-fi creation of singer / keyboard player Sheryl McMillan. Think a Beatlesque mixture of Imogen Heap and Kate Bush on Cyber Pop."
"The futuristic audio palette covers the whole era of synthesizers & electronic percussion, from the early analogs, to the latest digital plug-ins by electro-pop virtuoso, Sheryl McMillan."
"Female vocals, cool dance beats, heavy Pet Shop Boys influence, spacey lyrics and imagery, yet twittering silence from the synthpop crowd.
"Astormill creates music that seems to be either from the other side of the universe or straight out of the year 2100.

Astromill - Method to my Madness

Artists: Astromill
P: 2008
If you are into melodic, infectious, synth-pop from the very top drawer then this is for you!
The album opens with 'No Promises' which is based on a lilting electronic beat and quite whimsical lyrics which get (as with many of the vocals on the album) the vocoder-type treatment. As an opener it certainly gets the interest sparked, but it doesn't quite prepare you for the brilliance to come. I can't quite decide between tracks 2 or 3 as my favourites. Either way, they are both sensational, and in isolation would make this a "must buy". 'All the Same' has more completely superb treated vocals, the electronic rhythmics are great, but the hook is the infectious nature of every nook and cranny. It's such a finely crafted slab of synth-pop, I can't get it out of my head! There seems to be only antidote, play the next track! How to describe 'Control-Alt-Delete'? "WOW" seems the only way! A sensational electro-beat gets proceedings underway, then sumptuous synth lines pick out a killer riff. Then the vocals, which are totally magnificent, are added to the mix - heavily treated in so many different ways. So infectious that it should only be handled in sterilised conditions. About the only way to top it is you listen to it with the accompanying video (look on youtube) which paints a cutting-edge CG backdrop to this awesome track. Totally top drawer, if I hear two better back-to-back tracks this year I'll be very surprised.
But we're only at track 4 and next is 'Cold in the Middle' which opens a bit like a Beatles song! More great vocals, pleasing melody, a real grower. There are a couple of purely instrumental pieces on this album, and the next track 'Ice Station Zebra' is one of them. It builds purposely as insistent electro-patterns twist and turn, the percussive beat building in definition. Then it gets stripped down to ambience before being re-constructed. The approach is often "less is more" and the subtlety is impressive Next is the title track which is a real grower. Yes, there are more great vocals, yes there are more superb lilting electronic beats. Throw in a Numan-style synth riff, and this listener is in heaven. Brilliant.
The quality continues with 'Tea In China'. Downbeat, melodic, infectious (yes I know I keep using this word, but it really is!). A short piano riff plays with the different elements; lots of electronic effects keep you guessing. 'Spin Cycle' is the most "electronic" piece on offer, an instrumental which slowly develops on expert sequence lines. The beat is a killer, the quirky electronics very entertaining, but somehow the purely instrumental tracks don't quite match the quality of the vocal ones. 'Changed Man' lacks some of the infection of its siblings but is still a great slab of synth-pop, more "in yer face" vocals and grungy style rhythmics-with-attitude. The album signs off on another high both in terms of quality and fun-factor. It's 'All Been Done Before' it may very well have been, but when it's this good I really don't care! The vocal hook is great, the synth lines rasp and cajole, the rhythm picks you up. Superb.
 What transcends this album to greatness is the way many of the tracks burrow into the brain and take up residence.
"This album is absolutely amazing! You know, it\'s so well done, it puts me in a trance. Especially No Promises. That song is soo lovely, it soothes my soul. Seriously, don\'t miss out on this excellent music."

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