Dr. Atmo

Born in Iran and in Frankfurt since 1978, he was one of the first Ambient musicians. He made collaborations with Oliver Lieb, David Moufang, Pete Namlook and many more.
Dr. Atmo
Dr. Atmo + Miss Silencio - Hush!

Artist: Dr. Atmo + Miss Silencio
P 2013

The new album from legendary Ambient producer Dr.Atmo. Teaming up with the wonderful Miss Silencio results in a beautiful serene trip into the world of Downtempo / chill-out mixed with choice samples and guest vocalists. Sofa surfing par excellence!
Dr. Atmo disogpraphy / was a member of: Silence I&II and Escape (with Pete Namlook), Six Mullahs (with Marc Pcp), Sad world I,II & III (with Ramin Naghashian), Java and Music To Films (with Oliver Lieb), I.F. I&II (Intergalactic Federation with David Moufang and Deep Space Network), Atmofeos (with Pascal FEOS..unreleased cause lost the master), Whole Traffic and A Day In The Park (with Basalt Boys), Falling Infinities and Uvoii (with Blaine Raininger, I. Schnorrenberg)

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