Living Dreamtime

The norwegian musician Tor Linløkken is the man behind this project.
Living Dreamtime
Living Dreamtime - Exploring the Water Element

Artist: Living Dreamtime
P: 2002
A deep dive into the big ocean surrounding you and the water element within you.
This is a journey for you to relax, be curious and discover your precious pearls resting inside your depth. Enjoy the underwater breathing, the waves, the rain, dolphins and whales and the mystery slowly unfolding.
Exploring the Water Element is one of Origo Sound's most ambient albums and one of our best-sellers in the 00s. Tor Linløkken travelled many places to record sounds for this album, from Norway and the quiet lakes to Hawaii and the humpback whales. All the sounds have carefully been adjusted and resampled, mixed with organic sounds and electronics, creating a deep, slow and meditative soundscape.
In addition to enjoying the music, many people use it for meditation, relaxation, creativity and therapeutic work.
The CD comes with 12-page booklet.

15,80 EUR
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V/A - Planet Origo

Artist: Circular, Current, Nemesis. u.a.
P: 2007
A compilation of the norwegian Origo label.

12,90 EUR
incl. 19% tax excl. Shipping costs
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